What Custody Arrangement Is Best For A Child?

When the court is trying to decide on a custody arrangement, the goal is usually to find one that’s best for a child. How is that determined? You can obviously make an argument for what you think the best custody arrangement is, and our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ will help you. It’s important to know what the judge’s goal usually is in cases like this though. How…Read More

When Are Emergency Custody Orders Necessary in NJ?

Sometimes the current custody arrangement has to be addressed because it puts the child in danger. If you believe that staying with the other parent would be hazardous to your child, you can file emergency custody orders. This can help you quickly extricate your children from a potentially dangerous situation. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can help you learn more about how this process works. What Are…Read More

Can a Parent’s Mental Health Affect Custody Arrangements in NJ?

The court can consider many different factors when it’s left to decide on custody arrangements. Of course, the health of both parents, physical and mental, will be part of the equation, but it is rarely a deciding factor. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can tell you more about how these decisions are made and how you can make the best case for child custody. Will Mental Health…Read More

Under What Conditions Is Sole Custody Granted in Divorce Cases?

Sole custody can be granted in some situations, but the burden of proof is going to be on you if you want to take away your ex’s custody rights. The court’s top priority is always going to be the well-being of your children, so you need to show that your ex having custody is not in their best interest. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ may be able…Read More

What Are the Common Challenges Faced in Joint Custody Arrangements?

Co-parenting is always challenging, but it can be even more difficult when you and your former spouse have some different ideas about how to raise your children. Some minor differences between households can be fine, but children do benefit from some consistency. Being able to talk to your former spouse about things like this is a necessity in joint custody arrangements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the…Read More

What is Joint Custody?

Joint custody is a common type of custody arrangement that gives both parents the chance to be in the lives of their children. Both parents are also responsible for making major decisions about their children, like those relating to healthcare or education. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can help you fight for the kind of custody arrangement that works best for you and your family. What Are…Read More

How Does Child Custody Mediation Work?

Agreeing on child custody is usually one of the most difficult tasks facing divorcing couples. One approach that could work for you and your spouse is child custody mediation. This is a good way to discuss what you both want in a safe environment, and it might just be the best way to come to an agreement on this tough issue. Our divorce mediation attorneys in Bergen County, NJ would…Read More

Can I Address Child Custody In A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement offers a lot of benefits and such a document can do a lot to streamline the divorce process. However, one thing it cannot do is decide who gets custody of the children. There are a few different reasons for this, but one thing is certain. If you are serious about fighting for custody, you will want our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ on your side.…Read More

How Does a Parent’s Financial Stability Impact Custody Decisions?

Fighting for custody can be a stressful experience, especially if your spouse has more resources than you and tries to show that you will not offer the financial stability that your child needs. Financial stability is not everything though, so let our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ evaluate your case and help you make the strongest argument for why you should get custody. Does the Richer Parent Have…Read More

How to Deal With Co-Parenting Issues After a Divorce?

A divorce can be a big adjustment for your entire family. As you split custody and make arrangements for visitation, you are probably going to run into some co-parenting issues. This is a new frontier for everyone involved, so some initial difficulties are to be expected. You just want to be sure that you are handling any of these problems you encounter in a healthy way, for the sake of…Read More

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