How Does a Parent’s Financial Stability Impact Custody Decisions?

Fighting for custody can be a stressful experience, especially if your spouse has more resources than you and tries to show that you will not offer the financial stability that your child needs. Financial stability is not everything though, so let our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ evaluate your case and help you make the strongest argument for why you should get custody. Does the Richer Parent Have…Read More

How to Deal With Co-Parenting Issues After a Divorce?

A divorce can be a big adjustment for your entire family. As you split custody and make arrangements for visitation, you are probably going to run into some co-parenting issues. This is a new frontier for everyone involved, so some initial difficulties are to be expected. You just want to be sure that you are handling any of these problems you encounter in a healthy way, for the sake of…Read More

What Can I Do If My Ex Refuses to Comply With Our Parenting Time Schedule?

If you and your ex have an established parenting time schedule, you expect them to stick to it. If they keep violating this schedule again and again, that is not fair to you and it is not fair to your children. Whether they are trying to keep your kids away from you or they are abandoning their own parenting duties, they must be held accountable. Our parenting time and visitation…Read More

How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Child Custody?

If you are fighting for child custody, you need to use any resource available to you. This is why we suggest hiring one of our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ. You can go it alone, but you only have one chance at this. Work with an experienced lawyer and follow our recommendations to build the best case that you can. What Are Some Common Mistakes Made in Child…Read More

Can My Child Have a Say in a Custody Decision?

You may not want to place your child in the middle of your custody battle. However, they may want to get involved if they have a preference for what the outcome is. Continue reading to learn whether your child can have a say in a custody decision and how one of the experienced child custody evaluation attorneys in Bergen County, NJ, at Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, can work on your…Read More

What are the Relocation Laws of New Jersey?

Child custody and parenting time can become contentious when parents split up. As in all states, New Jersey courts make an effort to reduce the hostility and foster a loving and nurturing relationship between the children and both parents. This can become complicated when one parent moves away with the child. For more information on the relocation laws of New Jersey, please read on, then contact one of our experienced…Read More

Does Cannabis Use Affect Child Custody in New Jersey?

Even though the State of New Jersey legalized the use of cannabis for anyone twenty-one years of age or older, indulging in this pastime may affect your parental rights and child custody arrangements. To learn more, please read on, then contact one of our experienced temporary child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ. Some questions you may have include: What rights do parents have to use cannabis in New Jersey?…Read More

Does New Jersey Have Grandparent Rights?

For divorcing spouses, creating a child custody agreement is a complex process. If the court grants one parent sole custody, it leaves the other only with visitation rights. This could prove challenging for everyone involved in these proceedings. But for grandparents who have strong bonds with their grandchildren, this can be especially difficult. It can become difficult for the grandparent to see their grandchild if that grandparent's own child loses…Read More

Can I Get Custody of my Child During My New Jersey Divorce?

Life will not stop to let you catch up just because you are going through a divorce. Divorcing parents who need to arrange the schedules and everyday activities of their children may find this especially true. Nevertheless, parents have ways to establish temporary child custody to maintain a regular schedule until the parties can reach a formal child custody arrangement. While not required, co-parents may find these temporary child custody…Read More

Complex Child Custody Issues in New Jersey

Deciding on child custody is often one of the most complex aspects of divorce in New Jersey. Certain family circumstances or situations can add even more layers of complexity. Are you or your co-parent planning to move out of state or overseas? Are you ensnared in a high-conflict divorce and feel at risk for parental alienation? If you are in the midst of one of the most complex child custody…Read More

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