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How Does Child Support Work For Children With Special Needs?

A child support agreement is calculated with many different factors in mind, but the well-being of the child is always first priority. When a child has special needs, figuring out what kind of support is necessary to keep them happy and healthy is an absolute necessity. This can complicate the calculations a little bit and parents can be on the hook for support for longer than expected, but at the…Read More

Where Do I Get Divorce Papers?

When you want to file for divorce, you need divorce papers. Fortunately, they are usually easy to find at your local courthouse or through other sources. It’s the divorce itself that usually proves far more difficult. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you fight for the best possible outcomes in this process. Where Can I Go to Get Divorce Papers? When you want divorce papers, you can go to…Read More

Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First in New Jersey?

If you suspect that your spouse is getting ready to file for divorce, should you rush to beat them to the punch? Filing for divorce first can seem like it will give you a big advantage, but it usually does not matter too much in the grand scheme of things. Whether you are thinking about filing or you have just received papers, our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you…Read More

Can the Mediation Process Help Protect My Finances In a Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce, you probably want to do everything that you can to protect your finances and avoid coming out of the process far worse off than you were going in. Many couples who are looking for fair financial agreements have been trying an alternative to litigation. The mediation process can seem fairer and make it easier to agree on financial matters. Our Bergen County, NJ…Read More

Seven Partners at TTN Named New Jersey Super Lawyers for 2024

Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark is honored to announce that seven of our partners have been named as New Jersey Super Lawyers as published by Thomson Reuters for 2024. All seven partners handle all Divorce and Family Law Matters. Congratulations to all! (No aspect of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. A description of the selection process and methodology for the awards referenced may be…Read More

Does an Unexpected Financial Windfall Impact Alimony Payments?

When the alimony arrangement between you and your former spouse was made, your individual incomes, assets, and earning potentials were all probably part of the equation. So if one of you suddenly comes into a lot of money, wouldn’t that require the alimony agreement to change? A financial windfall could require an alimony agreement to change, but it could also have no effect at all. Confused? Don’t be. You just…Read More

When Are Emergency Custody Orders Necessary in NJ?

Sometimes the current custody arrangement has to be addressed because it puts the child in danger. If you believe that staying with the other parent would be hazardous to your child, you can file emergency custody orders. This can help you quickly extricate your children from a potentially dangerous situation. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can help you learn more about how this process works. What Are…Read More

Can a Parent’s Mental Health Affect Custody Arrangements in NJ?

The court can consider many different factors when it’s left to decide on custody arrangements. Of course, the health of both parents, physical and mental, will be part of the equation, but it is rarely a deciding factor. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can tell you more about how these decisions are made and how you can make the best case for child custody. Will Mental Health…Read More

Can You Establish Alimony in a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement is often used to plan out how assets will be divided in case of a divorce, but that’s not it’s only use. You can actually use a prenup to set rules about alimony as well. However, it’s important to note that a judge can occasionally decide to put aside what is written about alimony in your prenup. That’s why it’s important to meet with our prenuptial agreement…Read More

Can Alimony Be a One-Time Payment?

Alimony is one thing that usually ends up being hotly contested in a divorce agreement. Once you figure out who should receive alimony and how much, there will be a discussion about how payments should be made. Many people opt for monthly payments that last for as long as the court prescribes, but some people decide to make a one-time payment that can wipe out their obligation all at once.…Read More

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