How Does a Parent’s Financial Stability Impact Custody Decisions?

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Fighting for custody can be a stressful experience, especially if your spouse has more resources than you and tries to show that you will not offer the financial stability that your child needs. Financial stability is not everything though, so let our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ evaluate your case and help you make the strongest argument for why you should get custody.

Does the Richer Parent Have an Advantage?

Financial stability is important, but that does not automatically mean that the richer parent is the obvious choice to get custody. The less wealthy parent can also offer financial stability. Plus, there are other factors to consider when deciding who should be the custodial parent. In some cases, the parent who makes more money might also work much longer or more inconsistent hours. That could mean that the less wealthy parent can actually offer more stability.

What Factors Other Than Financial Stability Can Be Considered?

Finances and the amount of hours worked are not the only parameters that a court is going to look at that. When a judge decides which parent gets custody, they are doing what they can to ensure that they make a decision that is in the child’s best interest. That means considering things like:

  • The current relationships between the child and each parent
  • The location of the parents’ homes
  • How a move could impact the child’s schooling
  • The preference of the child, if they are old enough to express one
  • The fitness of both parents
  • Any history of domestic violence

Having the money needed to support a child is great, but these other things need to be weighed by the court as well.

Do Child Support and Alimony Agreements Give a Parent More Financial Stability?

Another thing to remember is that the parent who has less money can still be awarded custody because child support and alimony can help shore up their finances. This can allow them to offer even more financial stability and support to their child. This is why we tell our clients not to worry that much if they are not the rich ones in their relationship. We can still help you fight for custody.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Having a lawyer by your side during a divorce proceeding is generally a good idea, especially if your soon-to-be former spouse has representation of their own. An attorney from our firm can help you make the best possible argument for child custody, and they can also help you get a more favorable outcome in other areas of your final divorce agreement.

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