Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Bergen County NJ

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

For some, the term “collaborative divorce” may seem like an oxymoron–an unrealistic, utopian notion that simply cannot be achieved as tensions run high and clashes are imminent. For others, collaborative divorce may present itself as an ideal solution–a non-contentious, peaceful means by which to move forward with your family unit intact, albeit reconfigured. Particularly when children are involved, collaborative divorce provides spouses with the opportunity to work together in a team-oriented environment that facilitates amicable resolutions to a variety of family law matters. To proceed with confidence, it is essential to investigate all of your available options, including mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce, in addition to the more traditional avenue of litigation. This way, you can be sure that your decision of venue is most directly aligned with the needs and priorities of you and your family.

At Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, our team of attorneys includes several who have completed extensive training and education to become approved by the Superior Court of New Jersey as qualified mediators. Additionally, one of our partners, Laurie L. Newmark, has served as a panelist for the Morris County and Passaic County Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel Mediation Programs. She has also been appointed by the Court as a Parent Coordinator in high conflict divorce cases involving children. With extensive experience fostering collaboration and cooperation in the divorce process, we are thoroughly prepared to help you and your family through this significant time of transition. Above all else, we refuse to lose sight of the people in the process, providing compassion, support, and informed guidance every step of the way. To discuss your situation with one of our knowledgeable divorce attorneys, contact our firm today. We are always pleased to answer your questions with a free consultation.

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

Collaborative divorce in New Jersey falls within the category of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is essentially a broader term referring to the process of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. Mediation and arbitration are among the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution, and along with collaborative divorce, these avenues often represent more time-efficient, cost-effective, amicable ways to resolve divorce-related issues. Similar to mediation, the primary purpose of collaborative divorce is to achieve mutually-beneficial resolutions for both parties involved in a divorce, while allowing the participants to maintain control over the process. However, collaborative divorce entails one specific difference, in that both parties must sign a binding agreement that states their commitment to settle any disputes outside of court. The collaborative divorce process also may involve experts such as psychologists, financial analysts, accountants, and child therapists. These knowledgeable professionals may provide valuable insight into critical issues facing your family, as well as potential solutions for resolving them. Some of the most common issues that can be resolved through a collaborative divorce in New Jersey include:

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey

There are a host of significant advantages to collaborative divorce if you and your spouse share some priorities during and after the divorce process. Some of the key benefits in pursuing a collaborative divorce are the following:

  • Time-Efficiency: By working with a team outside of the courtroom, you may begin the divorce process and reach a resolution without court scheduling or trial proceedings.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You and your spouse may share the costs of collaborative divorce attorneys and experts while avoiding fees that may accumulate during the discovery and litigation process, thus saving substantial amounts of money.
  • Power over the Process: You and your spouse can schedule meetings that are convenient for you, taking work and personal commitments into account. You will also work together to develop solutions with the team around you, as opposed to submitting to the ruling of a judge.
  • Privacy: To preserve your reputation, career, public image, and the well-being of your children, you may keep all information confidential during the collaborative divorce process. Conversely, trial proceedings will expose all discovery and evidence to public scrutiny, as they become part of the public record.
  • Amicable Relations Moving Forward: Collaborative divorce fosters an environment of communication and cooperation, thereby allowing you and your spouse to emerge from divorce on good terms, particularly for the good of your children.

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