Can a Parent’s Mental Health Affect Custody Arrangements in NJ?

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The court can consider many different factors when it’s left to decide on custody arrangements. Of course, the health of both parents, physical and mental, will be part of the equation, but it is rarely a deciding factor. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can tell you more about how these decisions are made and how you can make the best case for child custody.

Will Mental Health Issues Be a Big Factor in Custody Arguments?

The mental health of both parents can be evaluated when custody arrangements are being made. For the most part, the goal of the court and the state is to give a child a relationship with both of their parents. It is in the best interest of the child to continue to have a relationship with both parents, but one parent who is seen as a more reliable caretaker could have an easier time becoming the parent who gets physical custody.

Can a Child Be Taken Away From a Parent With Mental Health Issues?

A child could be taken away from a parent with mental health issues if it seems like it will be dangerous for the child to spend time with one of their parents unsupervised. This can happen when a parent makes no effort to actually treat their mental health issues. If they do not make their health a priority, they are going to struggle to care for a child.

Can Parents With Mental Health Problems Get Visitation Rights?

Parents still have a right to see their children, even if they have issues of their own. If they cannot have physical custody without there being a risk to the child, then other arrangements can sometimes be made.

A common solution is supervised visitation. This can occur in a neutral location with a mediator who ensures that the child stays safe. There are professionals who can handle this kind of job, but there are also times where another family member can serve as an effective supervisor.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help Me?

If you are suffering from mental health issues, a family lawyer can help you make an argument for physical custody. We can help you show that you are addressing your issues and making the well-being of your child a top priority.

If you believe that your former spouse is suffering from mental health issues, we can help you ensure that your child can safely spend time with them. We can ask the court to order a custody evaluation and push for solutions like supervised visitation, whatever it takes to keep your child safe.

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