Termination of Child Support

Termination of Child Support

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Considering the wide variety of terminology associated with child support law, along with several major changes to New Jersey child support law within the last several years, some parents may be confused when it comes to understanding when or why an existing child support obligation may terminate.

For parents who are paying or receiving child support through the Probation Division, if and when your child’s circumstances are such that they no longer require child support (which we will discuss further in detail below), the Probation Division will automatically stop collecting, and distributing child support in your case.

On the other hand, for parents who pay and receive child support directly between each other, it may be necessary to get a court order to terminate child support when applicable.

At Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, our attorneys have extensive experience helping parents to draft comprehensive and fair child support agreements, modify child support agreements when circumstances change and help parents to terminate their child support obligations when their children no longer require that same financial support. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and concerns when it comes to your child support agreement or termination of child support in a free and confidential consultation with our attorney team.

NJ Child Support Termination Laws

Thanks to the recent change to S-1046, New Jersey’s legislation regarding child support, all child support obligations now automatically terminate when the supported child reaches the age of 19, unless otherwise specified in the child support agreement itself. Furthermore, this law states that child support obligations will also automatically terminate should the child join the military or marry.

While there are circumstances in which a parent can request a continuation of child support, for example in the case that their child is attending a college or university full-time, in most other cases, unless the parents specify otherwise in their child support agreement then child support payments will end when the child reaches 19.

This law applies to both future and previously existing child support agreements, so if your child support agreement was written previously to this change in law, and is set to terminate when your child turns 19, then you may wish to speak with our experienced child support lawyers regarding the possibility of seeking a continuation of child support if you feel that your child is still in need of financial support.

Finally, it is important for parents and children alike to know that, by law, no child support agreement in New Jersey can extend beyond a child’s 23rd birthday. While children may still be able to seek financial support from a parent after this age, that support would not be considered child support, nor would it be mandatory for the parent to provide it.

The Child Support Termination Process

As part of the new legislature passed regarding child support in New Jersey, parents should have received by various documents by mail regarding how the termination process works, and their various options for requesting a continuation of child support, modifying a child support agreement when one child becomes emancipated but younger children still require financial support, and how to terminate support for a child when applicable.

However, many parents understandably may not have thoroughly reviewed this information or saved it for a later time. It is also possible that the Child Support Division does not have your current address for sending you this information.

Whatever the case may be, if you are a parent who is concerned about requesting a child support continuation, a child support modification, or termination of child support according to the new law and terms of your child support agreement, our attorneys are ready to help you understand the various legal requirements and ramifications, and to guide you through the process for a successful resolution.

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At Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, our attorneys have extensive experience helping parents with all manner of family law and divorce issues, including any matter related to child support.

Our firm believes in listening closely to each of our client’s unique needs and concerns, and that by keeping them highly informed and involved throughout the legal process, we can better work to achieve the type of resolution which best meets those needs and concerns.

To speak with our family law team today in a free and confidential consultation regarding your child support agreement, modifying or continuing your child support agreement, or any matter related to the termination of child support for your children, contact our firm today.

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