What Can I Do If My Ex Refuses to Comply With Our Parenting Time Schedule?

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If you and your ex have an established parenting time schedule, you expect them to stick to it. If they keep violating this schedule again and again, that is not fair to you and it is not fair to your children. Whether they are trying to keep your kids away from you or they are abandoning their own parenting duties, they must be held accountable. Our parenting time and visitation attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can help.

When is My Ex Violating the Parenting Time Schedule?

There are many ways to violate a parenting time schedule. If your ex frequently does any of the following, they are not in compliance with the child visitation agreement you have made:

  • Showing up late when they are picking up or dropping off the kids
  • Picking up kids from school when it is not their day
  • Keeping the kids from you when it is your time for visitation
  • Taking the kids out of state without notice
  • Interfering in the relationship between you and your children
  • Making legal agreements without your input
  • Taking the kids without any notice

The occasional hiccup like a late dropoff due to traffic is one thing, but if your ex is repeatedly engaging in these types of behaviors they are not respecting your parenting time schedule. You can try talking to them about this, but if that does not work you may have to go to court.

Can I Bring My Ex to Court for Interfering With the Parenting Time Schedule?

A judge will usually not want to hear about the occasional violation of a parenting time schedule. However, if the violations are frequent and egregious enough, then a day in court is warranted. A judge will hear you out and could decide to:

  • Modify the custody agreement
  • Hold your ex in contempt
  • Change pickup and dropoff arrangements
  • Order your ex to pay you financial restitution
  • Award you extra parenting time

What Should I Avoid When Trying to Hold My Ex Accountable?

It is important to remember that two wrongs do not make a right here. If your ex is doing something to interfere with your parenting time schedule, you need to take the high road. If you are being prevented from visiting with your kids because of your ex, you cannot decide that you are going to withhold child support. This is only going to reflect poorly on you, and it will not rectify the situation.

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