How to Deal With Co-Parenting Issues After a Divorce?

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A divorce can be a big adjustment for your entire family. As you split custody and make arrangements for visitation, you are probably going to run into some co-parenting issues. This is a new frontier for everyone involved, so some initial difficulties are to be expected. You just want to be sure that you are handling any of these problems you encounter in a healthy way, for the sake of yourself and your kids. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can try to help you with this.

What Are Some Co-Parenting Issues I Might Run Into?

Even if you think that you have adequately prepared for it, co-parenting is sure to come with a few challenges. Our divorce lawyers have seen people go through more than a few co-parenting issues with their exes, including these common problems:

  • Fights at pickup and dropoff
  • An inability to stay civil during events that need to be attended together
  • Communications, like emails and texts, quickly become toxic and stay that way
  • One or both parents constantly criticize their ex’s parenting methods
  • One or both parents still harbor an unhealthy amount of anger toward their ex

Any of these issues can cause stress for you. More importantly, your kids are likely to notice any problems and feel stressed as well.

How Can I Address These Common Co-Parenting Issues?

It can be hard to address these co-parenting issues and solve them overnight, but taking some of the following steps can make these problems easier to deal with.

Keep communications simple: Send just what you need to send in that email or text. Keep it to directions and important info, and do not get sidetracked by going into other issues that are just going to make you angry.

Do not take any bait: Your ex probably knows how to make you angry. Do not go down to their level if they are causing issues.

Remember the kids come first: They are the most important people in all of this.

Do not offer “advice” that is not asked for: When it comes to parenting styles, you and your ex might diverge a bit. That is fine, as long as the kids stay safe. So avoid offering “advice” and critiques relating to how they deal with the kids during their visitation time.

Can a Lawyer Assist Me?

You may need a lawyer’s assistance at some point. If you want to change portions of your child visitation arrangement and your ex does not agree, then you might need a lawyer to negotiate with your ex’s lawyer so that you can develop an arrangement that is better for everyone.

A lawyer can also communicate on your behalf. Dealing with an ex can be stressful, so some couples prefer to talk through their lawyers whenever possible. If you need to communicate a sudden change in plans or an emergency, it is probably best to handle that yourself, but your attorney is generally quite capable of handling communications for you.

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