How Does a Divorce Impact Health Insurance?

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When you start the divorce process, you know that a lot in your life is going to have to change. One thing you should never overlook is how your divorce will affect your health insurance coverage. Your coverage could come to an end, or you could end up helping your former spouse pay for their coverage when they are required to buy health insurance of their own. Fortunately, our Bergen County divorce attorneys can answer any questions that you have and tell you more about your options.

What Happens If a Couple is on the Same Health Insurance Plan?

When a couple is on the same health insurance plan, an ex-spouse cannot stay on the plan after a divorce. They are no longer considered a family member and the plan will not cover them as a result. They must find their own health insurance coverage after the divorce has been finalized.

Can I Keep Health Insurance During the Divorce Process?

Usually, coverage can be kept while the divorce process is ongoing. If your insurance has been taken away before the divorce has been finalized, a temporary order from the court may be able to restore it.

What Can I Do For Health Insurance After My Divorce?

People who lose their health insurance through divorce generally have a few options. The first is COBRA coverage, where your ex-spouse’s employer would give you the chance to continue paying for coverage for up to 36 months. This is often expensive though, mostly because the employer’s contribution to the plan is taken away and you are left to pay the full premium on your own.

You can also purchase a plan through the Affordable Care Act or ACA. Subsidies are available that can help make it easier to afford coverage. There are also short-term coverage plans available from some insurers, but these do not all have to meet ACA standards and can cost you a lot in out-of-pocket expenses.

You may also be able to sign up for your employer’s healthcare plan. Maybe you signed up for your spouse’s plan because it was better or maybe your job only recently started offering benefits. In any case, it’s a good idea to check with your employer to see what is offered.

Can Alimony Be Calculated With My Health Insurance Costs In Mind?

If you are going to have to pay for health insurance coverage of your own, this can be brought up in divorce negotiations. If you are going to be paid spousal support or alimony, the cost of a new policy should be considered.

Will My Children Keep Their Coverage?

If your children get health insurance through your spouse’s plan, they should be unaffected by the divorce. They are still considered family members and dependents. A former spouse is not considered either.

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