How Can I Ensure My Divorce Is Kept Private?

The divorce process can be difficult enough to deal with without having to worry about every detail of your and your spouse’s disagreements leaking out to everyone. It is important to take steps to protect your privacy during your divorce. You cannot stop the flow of information completely, but you can make it a bit more difficult to pry into your family’s private life at a tough time. Our Bergen…Read More

What Should I Know About Mental Health Issues & Divorce?

Having a spouse who suffers from mental health issues can make a divorce more complicated, but do not worry. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you navigate this process and fight for the best possible outcome. This is what you need to know before you file any paperwork. Can Mental Health Issues Prevent a Spouse From Getting Child Custody or Visitation Rights? In some cases, yes. The court’s priority…Read More

What Do I Need to Know About Divorcing a Gambling Addict?

Most divorces are difficult, but it can be especially difficult to divorce a spouse who has a gambling addiction. Your marital assets could be compromised, and you may even have to worry about your own credit if your spouse has secretly opened up credit lines in your name. This can be a stressful time, but if your spouse will not get help divorce may be the only way to protect…Read More

How Can I Protect My Rights as a Stay-At-Home Parent During a Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce as a stay-at-home parent, you may be worried about how you can protect yourself and fight for a fair divorce arrangement. After all, your spouse probably has more resources at their disposal, and divorces can be an expensive endeavor. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you though, whether you are seeking a fair divorce arrangement or you are curious about how you…Read More

Can I Divorce a Spouse With A Substance Abuse Problem?

Getting a divorce due to a spouse’s substance abuse problem is completely valid in New Jersey. It can serve as grounds for divorce and it gives you a compelling reason to file a petition. If you plan to file for divorce, you do not have to go it alone. You can talk to our fault divorce attorneys in Bergen County, NJ, and learn more about how our lawyers can help…Read More

What Divorce Records and Paperwork Should I Keep?

Divorces can produce a lot of paperwork, and we understand the urge to get rid of all of it once an agreement has been finalized. Our Bergen County divorce lawyers do not recommend that though. Instead, you need to learn which kinds of divorce records need to be kept because they can come in handy later. Keep a little bit of that paperwork and you can ensure that you are…Read More

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Served Divorce Papers?

If you get served with divorce papers, you need to have a response. Ignoring their presence does not make them go away. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you respond and negotiate better terms. Here is what you need to know about how this process goes once you are served with papers and how you can best protect your interests. How Long Do I Have to Respond to Divorce…Read More

How is Divorce Different if My Spouse is Also a Business Partner?

Splitting up property during a divorce is always tricky, but this process can get a bit more complicated when there is a company involved. If your spouse is also your business partner, you are going to need some help navigating this. Our Bergen County, NJ property division attorneys are ready to assist you. Is a Business Separate or Marital Property? If one of you owned and operated a business before…Read More

How Can I Rebuild My Social Life After A Divorce?

Divorces are always emotionally taxing. It can even feel like one is still too much to deal with a few months after the agreement has been finalized. However, it is important that you get back out there and try to rebuild your social life after a divorce, for the sake of your own mental health and wellbeing. Here’s what we have learned in our time as Bergen County divorce attorneys,…Read More

What impact does alimony have in a gray divorce?

Regardless of how old you are, divorces can be extremely overwhelming. However, there are certain issues associated with divorces among older adults that younger couples are not faced with during the divorce process.  Nevertheless, it is imperative for older couples seeking a gray divorce to understand the critical issues they may face during the divorce process. For instance, many older couples neglect to consider the impact alimony will have on…Read More

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