Tips to Consider when Preparing for a Divorce in New Jersey

Preparing for a divorce can be an overwhelming time filled with advice and tips in every corner. We have created a short but important list of tips to consider when preparing for a divorce that will get you started on the right foot. If you require further assistance with this process, reach out to our experienced divorce attorney to learn more about our services. You do not need to go…Read More

Dating During and After Divorce | What To Consider

If you have met someone new while facing a divorce, you may be wondering if dating during a divorce will cause any complications for your legal process. It is important to understand that a new relationship will have legal implications for your divorce, good or bad. Continue reading to discover the aspects to consider when dating during and after divorce, especially if you have children with your former spouse. If…Read More

What Factors will New Jersey Courts Consider When Distributing Marital Debt?

Debts that are acquired by a couple while married are considered marital property by New Jersey law. Marital property is required to be equitably distributed. This means that the division of property must be fair, though this might not be an equal distribution. Continue reading to discover the factors that are considered when distributing marital debt. What factors are considered when distributing marital debt? New Jersey courts will consider the…Read More

How a Divorce Can Affect Your Mortgage

Affording a mortgage independently now that you have become a single-family home requires a plan. Continue reading to discover the top tips for managing a mortgage after your divorce has been finalized. If you have any further questions about this process, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced divorce attorney. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the post-divorce process. Utilize Professional Help…Read More

After Your Divorce is Finalized, Take these Steps

There are many important steps to take after your divorce has been finalized. The best way to complete each of these tasks is to create a list and to work through this list until you know that everything that could be affected by your recent divorce has been handled. After your divorce has been finalized, follow each of the following steps: If you require assistance with this process, do not…Read More

Tips on Navigating Divorce in Your Early 20s

Navigating a divorce in your early 20s is not an easy experience. Continue reading to discover the top tips for navigating your divorce to get out on the other end of this experience with strength and confidence. While you proceed with your divorce, it is important to understand that you do not need to go through this process alone. Our experienced divorce attorney will gladly walk you through each step…Read More

How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

The process of preparing for divorce mediation allows your mediator to gain all of the appropriate information they will need to have a productive session. Divorce mediation prep will include preparing all of the appropriate paperwork which will cover childcare, owned property, legal matters, finances, and insurance. The other aspect of divorce mediation prep is to emotionally and mentally prepare for the process ahead. Taking the time to work on…Read More

Which Assets Are Protected from Being Divided Between the Two Parties

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the division of a marriage's assets is if any assets are protected from being divided. Though the answer to this question can seem complicated, it is important to understand the details of a situation such as this. Most assets will be considered marital property and subject to equitable distribution laws. This will include assets that an individual solely owned prior to the…Read More

Beginning the Divorce Process

It's hard to know where to start when you are beginning a divorce process. Many individuals facing divorce view the beginning of a divorce as the most daunting part of an emotional and stressful period in their life. Thankfully, you do not need to go through this process alone. Our family and divorce law firm will help you to navigate the divorce process by walking you through each step of…Read More

What You Should Know about Modifying Prenuptial Agreements

There are a few situations that might prompt someone to be interested in modifying a prenuptial agreement. One situation might be that you are considering drafting a prenuptial agreement altogether and are curious about the modification process should life change down the line. You may also be curious about modifying a prenuptial agreement that is already put into place but are looking into this process due to your spouse violating…Read More

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