What Are Common Mistakes I Need to Avoid in My Divorce?

separating property during a divorce

Every divorce is complicated in its own way, but avoiding some common mistakes can help you make the process a little easier to get through. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you fight for your interests while avoiding some of the common pitfalls that have made this process much more difficult for other people.

What Are Common Mistakes Made By Parents During a Divorce?

A divorce can be even more stressful when kids are involved. Protecting them from the ugliest parts of this process needs to be your top priority. Do not try to use your children as pawns or try to coach them on what to say so that they can be used against your spouse. All you are doing is damaging your own relationship with your children.

Also remember to keep your own feelings about what is going on to yourself, or share them with other adults who you can depend on. You should not be venting to your children about the divorce. You should not badmouth their other parent just because it feels good in the moment. Despite what you are feeling about your spouse right now, your children have to have relationships with both of their parents. They should not be made to pick sides.

What Are Common Mistakes Made When It Comes to Divorce Agreements?

Sometimes people just want to get through the divorce process, so they accept whatever paperwork is thrown in front of them. You should not just accept your spouse’s first offer on anything in a divorce. You need to look out for your interests and make sure that agreements about property distribution, child custody, and alimony are fair.

We also do not recommend making verbal agreements with your spouse, even if you are on good terms. Get everything in writing or you could end up dealing with a massive headache later.

Should I Seek Out Divorce Advice From Friends and Family?

Seeking out advice from others is fine. It’s good to have a support network around you while you are dealing with this stressful process. Your friends and family should not be the only people you consult though. You really should hire an experienced divorce attorney who can be the final word on everything.

How Can a Lawyer Prevent Me From Making Some Common Divorce Mistakes?

An attorney can help you avoid many of the common mistakes that people make when they get divorced. They can help you get a fair deal in the divorce settlement and help you secure copies of every document that the court requires. They can also answer your questions and help you stay on a level playing field when you are negotiating with your spouse and their attorneys.

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