What Is The Best Way to Handle a High-Conflict Custody Battle?

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A high-conflict custody battle can cause a lot of stress, and you need to be sure that this stress does not make you do anything to jeopardize your case. Learning how to handle this situation can help you make a better case for custody and escape this battle with minimal scarring. Our child custody attorneys in Bergen County, NJ can help you with this.

How Can I Protect Myself During a High-Conflict Custody Battle?

You do not want to make a high-conflict custody battle worse, so you need to be careful about how you communicate and deal with your spouse. We recommend keeping all correspondence written. Send texts and e-mails, no talking on the phone or in person where it may be harder to control your emotions. You also need to remember that you do not need to respond to everything right away. Give yourself time to think and then message back with a clear head.

What Can I Do For My Mental Health During a High-Conflict Custody Battle?

Talking to a mental health professional during this time can be helpful. It’s also a good idea to lean on friends, family, and other members of your support network when needed. Just avoid venting to anyone and everyone about your spouse. That’s not helpful and no one wants to be around that person.

What Factors Are Considered During a Custody Battle?

During a high-conflict custody battle, it can be tough to keep your focus on what really matters. The judge making the decision is going to weigh a number of factors, including:

  • Existing relationships between the parents and the children
  • Which parent is the primary caregiver
  • Each parent’s ability and willingness to allow the children frequent contact with the other parent
  • The health of the parents and children

It’s important to remember this so that you can break through the noise and make a compelling argument for custody.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

A lawyer can help you with a high-conflict custody battle in a few ways. Letting your lawyer handle all of your communications can be a good idea. This can reduce your chances of saying or doing something that your spouse can use against you. Allowing the lawyers to work things out is sometimes the best way to approach a dispute.

Your attorney might also be able to introduce you to other problem-solving techniques. Litigation is almost always going to be the most stressful path, but your family lawyer can help you figure out if mediation or arbitration might work better for you and your spouse. Sometimes these alternatives can make it easier for divorcing couples to settle matters.

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