Temporary Agreements During Divorce

Paramus NJ Divorce AttorneysThe divorce process can take weeks, months, or even years in New Jersey. During this period, time does not stand still. Parents must continue to raise their children, and all divorcing couples must continue to support themselves as well. Temporary agreements to cover issues including child custodychild support, and alimony may be available for couples until their divorce settlement agreement is finalized. While not every issue can be resolved via a temporary agreement, many important issues can be addressed so you and your family are protected while you work through your divorce.

Today, our temporary agreement during divorce lawyers will discuss how temporary agreements are reached, how they are enforced, and what types of temporary agreements may be possible.

Paramus, NJ Divorce Attorneys Define Pendente Lite Agreements

Temporary agreements are also referred to as pendente lite agreements. Pendente lite is a legal term meaning “pending litigation” or “awaiting litigation”. In other words, pendente lite agreements are legal and enforceable until you and your spouse reach a formal divorce settlement agreement. Generally speaking, temporary agreements are active beginning on the date either party files for divorce and ending on the date that your divorce is legally granted. Reaching a separate settlement agreement might also cause your temporary agreement to be terminated.

It may be possible to reach amicable and enforceable agreements through formal court proceeding or outside the courtroom. It may even be possible to use alternative methods of conflict resolution including mediation. No matter what method you choose to reach your pendente lite agreement, it is a great idea to work with a qualified Paramus divorce attorney during the process.

What are Common Temporary Agreements During Divorce in New Jersey?

Your Bergen County divorce attorney may recommend temporary agreements depending on the nature of your divorce. Many individuals going through divorce need financial or practical support to carry them through until the divorce process has been completed. In New Jersey, temporary agreements may be reached for all of the following issues:

Temporary Child Custody – the divorce process does not freeze time, and nowhere is this more evident than when co-parents are trying to negotiate a parenting schedule during divorce. Many divorcing couples find temporary child custody agreements beneficial so that each parent can have a set schedule including physical custody, legal custody, and parenting time.

Temporary Child Support – financial support may also be available to co-parents through temporary child support agreements. Child support terms are determined to help both co-parents afford the necessities of child rearing during divorce.

Temporary Alimony – much like the above issues regarding childcare, alimony and spousal support shall be determined using similar criteria to your eventual alimony agreement. Alimony is primarily granted to allow a defendant spouse to cover necessary living expenses and/or maintain the approximate standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage.

It is important to understand that for all of these examples, the terms of a temporary agreement will not have a direct impact on your eventual divorce settlement. However, temporary agreements are often determined using the same (or very similar) factors as will be used for your final agreement. It is therefore a reasonable expectation that the terms of your divorce settlement will likely be close to the terms of your temporary agreement.

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