What Are Some of the Most Common Misconceptions About Prenups?

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Many couples do not understand exactly how prenups work. As a result, some of them do not realize that they could actually benefit from the use of one. That is why we want to correct some of the misconceptions about prenuptial agreements and let you know that our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Bergen County, NJ are ready to help you draw up one of your own.

Aren’t Prenups Expensive?

Most people assume that simply writing up a prenup is going to be expensive. It requires a lawyer and it is an agreement targeted at rich people after all, right? Well, the truth is that getting a proper agreement drawn up is going to cost you some money. Prenups can actually help couples save money though.

In the event that they do split up, the prenup has already laid out what should happen with their finances and property. This is normally the part of the divorce process that is the most difficult to get through. Without a prenup, you could be forced to go through expensive litigation just to defend your own assets. With a prenup, all of this is decided already.

Are Prenuptial Agreements Just for the Very Rich?

You also do not need to be obscenely wealthy to benefit from a prenup. These agreements are often associated with people who could easily miscount how many homes they own, but couples with more modest means can also benefit from setting expectations concerning finances in their relationship.

Most Prenups Are Not Even Enforceable in Court, Right?

Another myth that has picked up steam in recent years is that many prenuptial agreements actually cannot be enforced in court. A prenup could be considered void in some situations, like if one spouse was coerced into the agreement or signed it under duress. This would not be the case if you work with our law firm. We can write up a properly executed prenuptial agreement that protects you and your spouse’s finances and interests.

Isn’t Signing a Prenup Like Admitting My Marriage Will Fail?

This is another common concern among couples, but looking into prenuptial agreements and their benefits will not magically cause your marriage to fail. It also does not make your relationship a weak one because you and your spouse want to lay out ground rules about finances. In fact, we think that a couple who can discuss these matters honestly are indicating that their relationship has a solid foundation. Couples who cannot talk honestly about finances are the ones who could end up struggling later on.

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