Child Custody and Support for Unmarried Parents

Bergen County NJ Child Custody and Support AttorneysWhen most people think of issues like child custody and child support, they think of divorcing spouses. However, it is also quite common for unmarried parents to come to child custody and child support agreements to care for their children. Many unmarried parents also fear that their legal rights are not the same as married or divorced parents in New Jersey. There are many common misconceptions about mothers’ and fathers’ rights when it comes to child custody and child support, some of which will be addressed below.

Today, our unmarried parents’ rights attorneys will discuss child custody and child support in New Jersey, the rights or unmarried parents, and what options are available to parents.

Bergen County, NJ Child Custody and Support Attorneys Discuss Unmarried, Married, and Divorced Parents

The first and most important thing to understand regarding New Jersey non-married parents’ rights is that the marital status of parents is not considered when determining child custody and child support. Your Bergen County child custody and child support attorneys understand that there are three basic situations for co-parents:

Married parents are presumed to be the biological parents of a child born during a marriage. During the marriage, parents are considered equal partners, and no custody or support terms are necessary.

Divorced parents generally come to child custody and child support agreements as part of their divorce settlement. Mothers and fathers are granted equal rights as parents as these issues are considered. The New Jersey Family Courts considers all issues regarding children with the goal of creating the best situation for children, not necessarily their parents.

Unmarried parents are also considered equals regarding child custody and child support. However, there also may be considerations of proving legal paternity. Unlike married or divorced fathers, unmarried couples carry no presumption of biological parentage. There are several options to prove paternity in New Jersey, all of which you can discuss with your Bergen County attorney.

Paramus Unmarried Parents’ Lawyers Discuss Child Custody and Child Support

As we have established, legal parents have the same rights to child custody and child support in New Jersey regardless of whether of not they have been married in the past. A qualified Paramus unmarried parents’ lawyer will help co-parents seek amicable child custody and support agreements using the following considerations:

Child custody:

  • The ability of each co-parent to provide a safe and secure environment for the child
  • Special needs of the child and the ability of each co-parent to care for those needs
  • Communication, cooperation, and existing relationship between co-parents
  • Previous criminal convictions or issues of domestic violence if any
  • Practical matters such as regional proximity, scheduling, etc.
  • Much more

Child support:

  • The financial situation of each co-parent
  • The number of children involved in the child support agreement
  • Existing child custody arrangement, percentage of parenting time, whether the custody agreement was sole, shared, or joint
  • Gross taxable income of each co-parent
  • The marital status of each co-parent
  • Money owed or being paid to either co-parent from previous child support orders
  • Much more

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