Financial Abuse in a Marriage: Know Your Rights

When one person lives in fear of another, if resources aren’t shared fairly, and threats are involved, it’s usually abuse of some form or another. Any kind of abuse tends to have similar characteristics of control, threat, secrets, fueled by fear of one partner from another. Extreme financial dependence is quite common in society today and can be a facilitating factor in financial abuse. As hard as it is to…Read More

How Can Social Security Benefits Impact My New Jersey Divorce?

When spouses divorce, they are very often concerned over whether they will lose out on, or benefit from, retirement assets. These assets are subject to equitable distribution. In New Jersey, older couples who have been married for over 10 years may receive a portion of their former partners’ Social Security, pension, and military retirement benefits, provided they hire experienced legal counsel. Please read on and reach out to our experienced…Read More

Avoiding Unnecessary Financial Costs & Emotional Pitfalls in Your Bergen County Divorce

Litigation is a tool for protecting and enforcing your rights. Any family attorney would be remiss if they didn't emphasize in their initial consultation that litigation can be unpredictable, the resulting financial costs unknown, and the potentially devastating emotional toll it could take on yourself, your spouse, and any children you may have, if things get personal. Your choice on whether to take the case to trial must factor in objective criteria…Read More

Paramus, NJ Palimony Agreement Attorneys

When a married couple gets divorced, there is a formal legal process by which the legal complications of the divorce are settled. These issues often include the division of marital property, child custody, child support, and alimony. However, unmarried couples do not always enjoy the same legal rights during a separation. For this and many other reasons, many unmarried couples draft cohabitation agreements. Commonly, these cohabitation agreements between unmarried couples contain provisions for what is known as…Read More

Why Cohabitation Agreements are so Important in Bergen County, NJ

Unmarried couples are choosing to live together without getting married at a higher and higher rate. While this is a great choice for many couples and families, it also creates a situation where the legal rights of individuals may not be protected in the case of a break-up or other complicating situation. When married couples go through a divorce, they are granted certain legal rights when it comes to division of marital property, alimony and spousal…Read More

Deconstructing Palimony in New Jersey

Although alimony and spousal support are commonplace topics for most married and divorced couples in New Jersey, "palimony" represents another concept that remains a mystery to many. Palimony was originally accepted under New Jersey law in 1979. Its primary intention was to serve a similar purpose as alimony, but for unmarried couples. Just as most areas of divorce and family law are constantly evolving, the requirements and definitions associated with…Read More

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