Financial Abuse in a Marriage: Know Your Rights

When one person lives in fear of another, if resources aren’t shared fairly, and threats are involved, it’s usually abuse of some form or another. Any kind of abuse tends to have similar characteristics of control, threat, secrets, fueled by fear of one partner from another. Extreme financial dependence is quite common in society today and can be a facilitating factor in financial abuse. As hard as it is to…Read More

Financial Planning For a Divorce in New Jersey

Divorce is complicated. Unfortunately, divorce is almost as much a financial matter as it is an emotional one--that is why it is so important you prepare. If you are in a contested divorce, meaning you and your spouse do not agree on its terms, your assets will most likely be subject to equitable distribution. This is very frightening for many spouses, so it is crucial you retain the services of…Read More

What is Equitable Distribution?

No couple likes to imagine themselves getting a divorce. Unfortunately, couples do get divorced, perhaps now more than ever. However, the emotional stress of a divorce can be further compounded by the financial stress brought about by the equitable distribution process. When you get a divorce without a marital agreement in place, your assets may be distributed equitably. However, equitable does not always mean “equal,” rather, it more closely means,…Read More

What is a Post-Divorce Modification?

In the months or years following a divorce, your life, rather obviously, will not be exactly the same as it was at the time of your filing. If you have experienced a significant change in circumstances, there is a good chance you may wish to change the terms of your divorce accordingly. If you are in this situation, you may be wondering the best way to do so. Here are…Read More

Alimony, Child Support, Division of Assets after Death

Protecting the Futures of Clients across Ridgewood, Hackensack, Paramus, Teaneck, Fort Lee and Bergen County It's unpleasant to consider what will happen after we die, but if you’re in the middle of divorce or child support litigation and the division of assets, now is the time to start planning for that eventuality.  Generally support obligations, alimony or child support, end upon the death of the payer. Whether you eventually pay…Read More

Are Any of My Assets Protected from Equitable Distribution during Divorce?

One of the most commonly asked questions during any divorce or divorce mediation is "Are any of my assets protected from being divided during my divorce?" Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Equitable distribution depends on a great many factors specific to each divorce, and you will need to work closely with your Bergen County divorce attorney in order to determine exactly which, if any assets, can be…Read More

Setting Aside a Judgment of Divorce in Bergen County

Divorce can be a damaging and traumatic experience. Having to go through a divorce in any family law court can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining, to say the least.  Division of assets, alimony, child custody and child support are among the many topics that can be difficult to work through and reach mutually agreeable terms. As with most unpleasant experiences many people try to either avoid dealing with it…Read More

Avoiding Unnecessary Financial Costs & Emotional Pitfalls in Your Bergen County Divorce

Litigation is a tool for protecting and enforcing your rights. Any family attorney would be remiss if they didn't emphasize in their initial consultation that litigation can be unpredictable, the resulting financial costs unknown, and the potentially devastating emotional toll it could take on yourself, your spouse, and any children you may have, if things get personal. Your choice on whether to take the case to trial must factor in objective criteria…Read More

Asset Division Enforcement Attorneys Bergen County NJ

Assisting Clients across Ridgewood, Paramus, Teaneck, Hackensack, Fort Lee, and Bergen County After the long and sometimes arduous divorce process, we hope that the agreed upon settlement which defines division of assets, alimony and spousal support, child custody, child support, and more, will be respected. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Whether it be for financial or emotional reasons, some individuals refuse to adhere to the terms of their divorce…Read More

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