How Can I Ensure My Divorce Is Kept Private?

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The divorce process can be difficult enough to deal with without having to worry about every detail of your and your spouse’s disagreements leaking out to everyone. It is important to take steps to protect your privacy during your divorce. You cannot stop the flow of information completely, but you can make it a bit more difficult to pry into your family’s private life at a tough time. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you do that and handle the rest of the divorce process.

Are Divorce Court Proceedings Private?

When you get divorced and settle things via litigation, the court does keep records. These records could contain information about your marital problems, your financial situation, and your children. It is understandable that you would want to keep most of this stuff private.

It is not that easy to get court records, but it also is not exactly difficult. If someone is determined enough, they might be able to learn a lot more about your divorce than you would like them to. You can ask the judge to seal the records, but there is no guarantee that they will do that for you.

So what is the best solution? If you are really concerned about privacy and you and your spouse can come together to negotiate, working together through mediation sessions or a collaborative divorce might be a better option. Either option is more private than litigation.

Should I Avoid Usage of Social Media During My Divorce?

It is probably a good idea to avoid excessive social media posting about your divorce. Not only are you willingly giving up your privacy, but you could also be giving your spouse and their attorney something to use against you. It can feel good in the moment to vent on Facebook or Twitter, but that positive feeling is unlikely to last.

How Can I Keep My Online Accounts Private?

There are a few steps that you should take to keep any of your online accounts private:

  • Change your passwords
  • Ditch any accounts you share with your spouse
  • Check devices for spyware or other unauthorized spyware
  • Buy new electronic devices if possible
  • Get your own phone and internet plans

Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

Having a divorce attorney on your side can make this process easier, whether you choose a collaborative divorce or you and your spouse have to go to court. A lawyer from our firm can answer any questions you have and help you protect your privacy. We can also help you fight for the best possible outcome.

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