Can I make modifications post-divorce?

Sometimes, modifications are necessary to be made to a divorce settlement. The divorce court understands that life happens and circumstances change. You may have grounds to revisit your initial divorce agreement if you or your ex-spouse’s life has changed substantially. The modifications should be made to better reflect your current life situation. To move forward, you should retain the services of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney who will help you to find a settlement that suits you and your spouse as individuals. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm so we can assist you through this legal process. Continue reading to answer any questions you might have regarding the modification process post-divorce.

What might need modification?

In order to call for the modification of your settlement agreement, you will need to prove that there is a change or reason for the request. The following situations are the most common reasons for post-judgment modification requests:

  • If the amount that is owed in spousal support or child support may need adjusting because either party receives a promotion, demotion, loses their job, becomes disabled, etc.
  • If custody agreements may need to change because either party exposes their child to domestic violence, substance abuse, a serious mental illness, etc.
  • If an adjustment may be needed for custody terms, parenting time, and visitation schedule due to the child’s schedule changes
  • If their child reaches the age of emancipation and no longer needs child support payments
  • If either party no longer needs support from their former spouse due to cohabitating with another person
  • If their child is in college and financial responsibility must be determined

If you believe that your divorce agreement requires modification due to any of the above situations, or a similar circumstance, reach out to our firm today to get started.

What can be modified? 

Modifications can be made to the following agreements that were made during divorce proceedings:

  • Child Support: If a person’s financial situation changes while owing child support payments, either party may ask for an increase or decrease in the amount they owe.
  • Spousal Support: If a person’s financial or personal situation changes, a request for modification in the amount they owe can be made.
  • Child Custody: Child custody can be modified if either parent or child experiences change that deems the current custody agreement no longer suitable

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