What Should I do if D.C.P.&P. Tries to Take My Child?

If someone has filed a report against you, it is possible that the Department of Child Protection and Permanency will launch an investigation into your family. If this has happened to you, you should immediately seek assistance from an experienced New Jersey family law attorney to walk you through each step of the way. We are confident in our ability to fight for our clients and prove they are fit parents.

Can D.C.P.&P. Take My Child?  

The Department of Child Protection and Permanency is an organization put into place to protect children from abuse or neglectful parents. D.C.P.&P. can involve biological parents, adoptive parents, foster care, and other protective services. Though the main purpose of this organization is to keep the child’s best interest in mind, there are flaws where individuals can be wrongly accused of abuse or neglect. 

It is important to reach out to an experienced New Jersey family law attorney after a report is filed against you. D.C.P.&P. will launch an investigation into your family and an attorney will help prove that you are a fit parent. An experienced attorney will not allow D.C.P.&P. to use anything out of context that may be incriminating against you and fight for your parental custody rights. An attorney may even help you to fight potential criminal penalties after a report is filed against you. 

What can an attorney do for me and my child after being filed against? 

It can be an incredibly fast experience when D.C.P.&P. takes action. The first step to occur will likely be the police being contacted. They may even enter your home and remove your child so that they can be placed into protective custody. In such an extreme and traumatic situation as this, it is best to have a plan. Contact an attorney immediately to get your legal process started. 

After retaining the services of an experienced New Jersey family law attorney, your lawyer will move forward with the following steps: They will personally speak with all other lawyers involved in the case, they will examine every facet of the case to discover the best legal avenue, they will hire certain experts to conduct defense assessments, they will receive and review all court reports, and finally, they will comprehensively prepare your case and defend your rights. 

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