Impact of Divorce on Children’s Health

Bergen County NJ Divorce LawyersThere is no doubt that divorce can be a stressful period for all parties involved. This is especially true for children who are often confused about how this will effect their lives. Innumerable studies have shown that children thrive under structured, unchanging environments. Of course life does not always work out that way. While divorce has the potential to negatively impact a child’s health, there are several ways to mitigate these concerns and keep your children happy and healthy during and after your divorce.

Today, our divorce and family law attorneys will discuss the potential effects divorce can have on children’s health and some useful tips to make this transition period smoother for your entire family.

Bergen County, NJ Divorce Lawyers Identify Potential Effects of Divorce on Children’s Health

Nearly half of all American children will grow up with divorced parents. Since nearly half of all American children are not experiencing issues of physical and mental health problems, there is a great chance that your children will be okay as well. However, there has been research which shows a correlation between divorce and children’s health issues. These potential issues may include:

Psychological health issues – the most direct and often experienced changes to a child’s health revolve around their mental health. Anger issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and much more have been associated with divorce. It is also important to understand that many of these issues are common for children and young adults as part of the growing process or simply as a component of their lives moving forward. Seeking help from qualified mental health professionals is a great place to start.

Physical health issues – many of the physical health issues associated with children during and after divorce stem from underlying mental health issues. These can include sleep problems, stomach issues, hypertension, etc.

Social health issues – parents should also be aware that divorce may cause children to have difficulties with their social lives. Again, these issues are common and can be dealt with through therapy, with the help of school resources, and more.

Paramus Children During Divorce Attorneys Help Clients Mitigate Stresses of Divorce

Your Paramus divorce attorneys may have a number of suggestions and/or useful tools to keep your divorce proceedings as stress-free as possible for you, your spouse, and your children. During and after divorce, all of the following choices can go a long way towards keeping your children’s lives as regular as possible under the circumstances.

  1. Choose litigation-free divorce. Alternatives to court including mediation and collaborative divorce have been shown to dramatically reduce the tension between divorcing spouses. This reduction in negative energy is a very real factor when it comes to keeping children happy and healthy during divorce
  2. Maintain a regular schedule. Children crave structure and schedules, whether they will admit it or not. Your divorce will no doubt lead to a change in your family dynamic, but making an effort to retain a sense of normality is a great way of reassuring your children that they are safe
  3. Keep communication civil and frequent. Your spouse or former spouse may not be your favorite person in the immediate aftermath of a divorce. Try to keep your communication as amicable as possible. Children tend to mirror the behavior and attitudes of their parents
  4. Assure your children that their lives will remain mostly the same. Going back to item 2, telling your children that everything will be okay and that you aren’t going anywhere cannot be overstated

At the end of the day, divorce is a part of life. Many children and adults go through this difficult time and go on to lead healthy lives. By understanding the health risks, you and your co-parent can effectively reduce the associate health risks for you and your family.

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