Divorce: The Glass is Half Full

Bergen County NJ Divorce AttorneysSeveral weeks ago, we wrote an article discussing when and how couples may want to try and save their marriage. In this article, we mentioned how, as your Bergen County divorce attorneys, we cannot make this decision for you.

That being said, we would like to, in today’s article, discuss some of the ways we have seen our clients’ lives improve by pursuing, and ultimately resolving, a divorce.

Ridgewood, NJ Divorce Lawyers and “The Benefits of Living a More Positive Life”

As many people have come to learn, when you don’t feel good about your life, other people in your life pick up on it, and it can affect your relationships with friends, family, and even with people you are just meeting now. If your marriage is causing you to consistently feel angry, depressed, negative about yourself and your life etc, it may be the most healthy thing for you and the people in your lives to end that marriage.

While divorces are less stressful or difficult for some and not for others, the bottom line is that when it is over, the thing that was causing you to feel so negative all the time is gone, and it gives you a chance to “reset” your life, how you feel, and how others feel about you.

Paramus, NJ Divorce Attorneys and “The Benefits of Divorce for Your Children”

While not always the case, in marriages which are particularly contentious or angry, and especially in marriages which involve any kind of domestic violence, a divorce can significantly improve not only your own life, but the lives of your children as well.

When you factor in that not only is it probably not great for your children to be exposed to the anger, resentment, bickering, and spite that is often involved in a failing marriage, but that you yourself are also most likely affected personally by these things which in turn affects your own relationship with your children, a divorce can often be an extremely healthy thing for your children, yourself, and your overall parenting ability and success.

Hackensack, NJ Divorce and Family Law Firm and “Improving Your Self-Confidence”

The final potential “glass half full” aspect to a divorce we would like to mention is the affect it can often have on your decision making abilities, and overall self-confidence. Many times, we work with Bergen County divorce clients who have been agonizing over this decision for months, if not years. By finally making a decision one way or another, you may find that this can bring about a feeling of immense relief, and even confidence in that you have the ability to confront these very difficult issues, and make a very difficult decision.

Beyond this feeling of empowerment, a divorce can also help you improve decision making in all areas of your life. Maybe you knew from the start that the marriage probably wouldn’t work, but went through it anyway. Maybe you’ve known for some time now that the marriage wouldn’t work, but kept going with it anyway for whatever reason. By making the decision to divorce, you may learn to come to trust your own instincts more, and make better, more well-thought out decisions in the future.

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While the ultimate decision to divorce is yours to make, if you do decide to divorce is is highly recommended that you retain experienced legal counsel in order to guide and advise you throughout the process, and help you secure divorce settlements which are fair, and protect your legal, financial, and parental futures.

At The Law Offices of Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark, our attorneys have extensive experience resolving our clients’ divorces through a variety of means including mediation, arbitration, collaboration, negotiation, and litigation in towns across New Jersey and Bergen County, including Ridgewood, Hackensack, Paramus, Teaneck, and Fort Lee.

By practicing exclusively family and divorce law, our firm can focus on the issues closest to you and your family, and providing each of our clients with the knowledgeable, effective, and attentive legal counsel that they need and deserve when it comes to resolving a divorce, and the related issues of child support, child custody, alimony, and marital asset division.

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