How Can I Draft a Postnuptial Agreement in New Jersey?

It is common for couples to draft a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets from the pitfalls of a potential divorce. However, many couples do not draft these agreements before they are married. In this case, spouses may want to look into drafting an equivalent agreement after they are married. You cannot draft a prenuptial agreement after you have been married. However, you can still draft a postnuptial agreement. A…Read More

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

If you are married and did not draft a prenuptial agreement with your spouse, but wish to have some of the same protections that a prenuptial agreement has to offer, there are options to consider. You may still draft a document known as a postnuptial agreement. Continue reading to learn more about postnuptial agreements and how to create a valid agreement in New Jersey. Reach out to our experienced Bergen County…Read More

What is a Postnuptial Agreement & How Do I Draft One in NJ?

Many couples throughout the state of New Jersey make the smart decision of drafting prenuptial agreements. These agreements are extremely useful tools to protect your hard-earned assets from the pitfalls of a potential divorce. That being said, there are many other couples who do not draft these agreements before marriage. While this is totally fine, oftentimes, spouses who did not draft these agreements before marriage will look to draft these…Read More

Should I Draft a Postnuptial Agreement?

Our firm recommends that everyone create a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. In New Jersey, people draft prenuptial agreements to protect some of their most important assets from a potential future divorce. While in the past, there has been a stigma attached to prenuptial agreements, this is no longer the case, and couples everywhere draft them frequently. However, if you are someone who has not drafted a prenuptial agreement with…Read More

Should I Get a Postnuptial Agreement?

Many people do not establish a prenuptial agreement with their fiance for multiple reasons. Regardless of your reasoning for doing so, at some point during your marriage, you may wish you had created some sort of agreement that outlines the future of your assets, should the worst happen. Fortunately, postnuptial agreements are still an option, and they serve the same purpose as a prenuptial agreement, only they are drafted after…Read More

High Net Worth Divorces in New Jersey

The most challenging part of marriage is divorce. When you and your spouse resolve that you can no longer stay together, you face a great deal of change down the road. While it is extremely important to work on emotionally coping with a divorce, you are also forced to worry about your financial situation as well. With one less paycheck, you may start asking yourself serious questions, regarding whether or…Read More

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

If you are already married and have not drafted a prenuptial agreement, you may wish to draft a postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement covers virtually all the aspects of a prenuptial agreement, though it is drafted after marriage. However, when you draft a postnuptial agreement, the courts will generally treat your case with some degree of suspicion. Sometimes, complex marital issues may influence one spouse into signing a postnuptial agreement.…Read More

How do I get a Prenuptial Agreement in the State of New Jersey

Marriage is exciting, and if you are ready to get married, chances are you’re doing a lot of planning. You have a wedding to plan, maybe you wish to move into a new home, etc. However, since you plan so extensively for your wedding and other events associated with marriage, it is prudent to plan for the opposite end of the spectrum as well. Fortunately, you may not have to…Read More

What is a High Net Worth Divorce?

Nobody pictures themselves filing for divorce at the start of their marriage. Unfortunately, divorce happens, and it is happening now more than ever. Divorce can bear a heavy burden, both financially and emotionally. What’s worse is that if you or your spouse is a high net individual, then you will most likely have additional financial concerns to worry about. If you are considering getting a divorce, here are some questions…Read More

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