How to Choose the Right Bergen County Divorce Mediator

Once you’ve decided to go through the divorce process, you may be wondering if there is an alternative to litigation. Fortunately, there is–divorce mediation. However, not all mediators are the same, which is why you need one that is truly the best fit for you. Please continue reading to learn more about divorce mediation, some useful questions to ask your potential divorce mediator, and how our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys can help you through the process.

How to Choose the Right Divorce Mediator For You

There are several qualities you should be on the lookout for when it comes to selecting a divorce mediator. They are as follows:

Specialization in Divorce and Family Law: An attorney who is specialized in divorce and family law can accumulate an extensive body of knowledge and resources within this area of practice, just as in medicine, an orthopedist may know more about your bones that a general practitioner. It also increases the likelihood that he or she has seen a variety of cases with different levels of complexity, including sophisticated marital estates and contentious child custody battles.

Years of Experience: A divorce and family lawyer with many years of experience on both the litigation and mediation sides of divorce resolution can provide you with a well-rounded vision of your case and discuss potential outcomes for mediation versus taking your case to trial. He or she may also have handled more complex matters of child custody or property distribution, which contributes to more creative solution development during the mediation process.

A Commitment to Fairness: Your mediator should communicate a strong commitment to fairness, objectivity, and neutrality throughout the process. He or she should not in any way show favoritism to either of the parties, but instead, should recognize and validate the perspectives of both sides of the issue, encouraging communication and collaboration in achieving resolution.

Creative Problem-Solving: A good divorce mediator should be dedicated to solutions. He or she should continuously work to develop innovative strategies for approaching the range of issues that you and your spouse may need to be resolved. Mediation is limited only by the creativity of the mediator and the participants, meaning that anything is possible when crafting arrangements that best serve your family’s future.

Empowering You: Your mediator should encourage you and your spouse to feel empowered and in control throughout the mediation process. He or she should provide you with as much information as possible, allowing you to make decisions together based on all relevant information. The law can be intimidating and overwhelming. Your mediator should explain the legal implications of your decisions in an accessible manner, serving as an educator and guide every step of the way.

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