What You Need to Know About Divorce Arbitration in New Jersey

Divorce is complicated, especially when couples enter the litigation process. If you cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, though you are looking to avoid a long, drawn-out process, there are other options on the table. For example, many couples will choose to go down the route of arbitration, as arbitration often can help save time, money, frustration, and it can help protect your privacy. Please continue reading and…Read More

Business Owner Divorce in New Jersey | What You Should Know

When someone owns a business, their business is one of their top priorities in life. Of course, if you are a business owner and you are going through the divorce process, saving your business from your divorce will also be one of your top priorities. Our firm is here to help. Read on and speak with our New Jersey divorce attorneys to learn more about how business owner divorce works…Read More

How Are High-Value Assets Divided in a New Jersey Divorce?

There are few things more complicated than the divorce process, and if you are someone with multiple high-value assets, you are most likely wondering how those assets will come into play when it comes to equitable distribution. Please read on and reach out to our Bergen County divorce attorneys to learn more about high-value assets and divorce and how our firm can work to protect what is yours. Here are…Read More

What You Need to Know About Divorce From Bed and Board

Though many other states do, New Jersey, in particular, does not recognize a formal process for legal separation. Instead, the state of New Jersey recognizes its equivalent, known as divorce from bed and board. Simply put, this type of divorce means that the couple is economically separated, however, they do remain legally married. If you are considering getting a divorce from bed and board, please continue reading and reach out…Read More

How Does New Jersey Calculate Child Support?

There are few things more important to divorcing co-parents than being able to support their children and ensure they grow up to live happy, fulfilling lives. One of the ways in which New Jersey courts seek to enforce this is through child support payments. If you live in New Jersey as a divorced co-parent and require child support payments, please read on and reach out to our experienced Bergen County…Read More

Appeals to Arbitration Agreements in New Jersey

Many couples who have to decide on terms of their divorce, child custody, child support, alimony and division of assets choose to go through arbitration, as opposed to litigation. Arbitration allows litigants to select an arbitrator of their choice.  This gives them more freedom to choose when and how their divorce proceedings will go. However, arbitration provides a very limited judicial review. This means that in the future, it will…Read More

Modifications to Bergen County Alimony and Child Support

Any divorce will bring with it a myriad of questions that will need to be answered as well as many difficult situations that will need to be resolved. These will always include division of assets and in many cases alimony, child custody and child support.  All of these issues are intertwined and any judgement will always be what the court finds to be most fair and in the best interest…Read More

Preparing for Your New Jersey Divorce: Determining Your Priorities

What do you want? The question seems so simple, and yet it is fraught with complexity, spelling implications large and small, with the potential to impact your life both short and long-term. When beginning the process of divorce, this seemingly straightforward question is equally essential and daunting. In fact, it is perhaps the most important question to address at the start of your divorce, as it will guide all of your…Read More

Beginning the Divorce Process in New Jersey

When you make the decision to divorce, it can feel as though you are embarking upon a long and potentially treacherous journey, with no map, no guide, and no way to ensure that you pursue the right path toward a desirable resolution. Fortunately, divorce is by no means a path that you must walk alone. In fact, the burdens of this process, both emotional and financial, can be significantly diminished…Read More

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