Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey | What You Need to Know

If you are someone who has gotten divorced, you may find that in the months or years following your divorce, your circumstances have changed. This is completely normal, which is why courts in New Jersey grant many former spouses what is known as post-judgment modifications. If you believe your circumstances have changed and your current divorce agreement no longer suits your needs, please read on and speak with our knowledgeable…Read More

Retainer Fees and Paying for Your NJ Divorce Attorney

One of the most common, and understandable, concerns our Bergen County divorce clients have is regarding the cost of their divorce. Specifically, most people considering a divorce or beginning the divorce process want to know how much it is going to cost them in terms of paying for an experienced and effective divorce attorney. While some divorce attorneys may charge a one-time fee for their services, this method of paying…Read More

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