Cryptocurrency & Divorce | What You Need to Know

Those who are getting divorced in the state of New Jersey should understand that if they own cryptocurrency, this may very well come into question when entering the equitable distribution process. Cryptocurrency is a fairly new type of asset, however, if you own it, you must understand how it may play a part in the outcome of your divorce. Read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey divorce…Read More

January quickly becoming known as “Divorce Month” in legal circles

January is quickly turning out to be the most popular month of the year to get a divorce, becoming known as “divorce month” in family law circles. January sees approximately 33 percent more divorce filings than other months.  The January spike usually begins during the first full working week following Christmas, and spills over into the months of February and early March.   Lawyers and interested parties are wondering, why January?  What…Read More

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