How to Create a Parenting Time Plan in the Wake of the New Coronavirus

One of the most important things to any parent is ensuring their child is safe. That is why during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many parents are wondering how it will affect their child custody/parenting time agreement. Below, our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys have compiled a short list of things parents can do to create an effective parenting time plan to accommodate their children throughout the duration of this…Read More

Tips for Co-Parenting after Divorce

While your Bergen County divorce may have ended your financial and legal relationship with your former partner, if you have children together, you will be entering into a new kind of relationship, that of co-parents! For some couples, this new type of relationship may come naturally, but for others, it can be difficult to learn to work together in this new way. With those potential difficulties in mind, here are…Read More

Physical vs. Legal Child Custody in New Jersey

Child custody is one of the most important issues facing unmarried parents and parents going through a divorce. Child custody in New Jersey is often used as a singular term, but in fact there are two distinct forms of child custody: physical and legal. Today, our attorneys will discuss exactly what physical and legal child custody means, how they can be considered separately, and what impact that has on New Jersey parents.…Read More

Co-Parenting During Divorce in Bergen County, NJ

For parents, divorce can be a difficult time when it comes to keeping their children happy and healthy. Children are incredibly sensitive and in tune with their parents emotions and may be experiencing their first major life event. While there is no avoiding some level of change, it is possible for parents to effectively co-parent throughout and after the divorce process through various practical and logistical means. For example, many families find it advantageous…Read More

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