What Should I do if I am Scared For my Child’s Safety Around my Former Spouse?

There are few things more heinous and repulsive than child abuse. That being said, if you suspect your former spouse is abusing or neglecting your child, there are several things you must do, among them notifying Child Protective Services. Please read on and reach out to our experienced Bergen County firm to learn more about CPS and how our firm can help you and your family return to normalcy again.…Read More

Financial Abuse in a Marriage: Know Your Rights

When one person lives in fear of another, if resources aren’t shared fairly, and threats are involved, it’s usually abuse of some form or another. Any kind of abuse tends to have similar characteristics of control, threat, secrets, fueled by fear of one partner from another. Extreme financial dependence is quite common in society today and can be a facilitating factor in financial abuse. As hard as it is to…Read More

Mother Loses Child Custody Over Benadryl

Sleepless nights are a familiar feature of every parent's life in the early years, thought to be a hurdle of the job. Parents try so many things to help their children sleep, sometimes even resorting to drastic measures. In one such case out of New York, a mother who was giving her 8-year-old son Benadryl on a regular basis to help him sleep, lost custody of the young boy after…Read More

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