What Are Some Alternatives to Court-Based Divorce?

There are few legal matters more personal than divorce, which is why if you are currently entering the divorce process, you most likely have various concerns as to how the process will go, what will happen, and how your divorce will be resolved. For many, the thought of court-based divorce, also known as litigation, is quite a frightening prospect, as no one wants to appear in front of a judge…Read More

Collaborative Divorce in New Jersey | What You Should Know

There are few things more complicated in life than divorce. Of course, nobody ever wants to imagine the day where there is no other option but to divorce their spouse, however, divorce is an incredibly common reality in our society. If you are someone who is currently going through the divorce process and you cannot agree on the terms of your divorce with your spouse, you are in what is…Read More

Children and the Mediation Process Bergen County NJ

Our Divorce and Family Law Mediators serve clients in Hackensack, Paramus, Teaneck, Ridgewood and across Bergen County NJ Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. It can also be hard on children whose parents are now at odds and in many cases may even be fighting over custody. Even young children can often feel the tension and anger which often arises in such a contentious situation. Most parents would agree that…Read More

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