What to Know About Diving Debts in a New Jersey Divorce

Dividing assets between spouses is one of the biggest concerns for many couples who are facing a divorce. Couples can acquire a significant amount of assets throughout a marriage. This may include houses, cars, retirement plans, and more. However, they can also accumulate debt throughout a marriage. This may include credit card debt and mortgages. When you go through a divorce, both debts and assets will be divided between the…Read More

Which Assets Are Protected from Being Divided Between the Two Parties

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the division of a marriage's assets is if any assets are protected from being divided. Though the answer to this question can seem complicated, it is important to understand the details of a situation such as this. Most assets will be considered marital property and subject to equitable distribution laws. This will include assets that an individual solely owned prior to the…Read More

Planning for a Secure Financial Future After Your New Jersey Divorce

If you are currently involved in, or have recently completed the divorce process, a change in your financial situation is inevitable. Financial considerations are a critical component of every divorce, encompassing issues such as alimony and spousal support, division of assets, and child support, if applicable. These issues, once resolved, will transform your financial situation from one unit to two separate individuals, each of whom are now responsible for planning for their financial…Read More

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