How to Plan for Your Divorce in New Jersey

In many ways, divorce marks a turning point in an individual's life, which is why if you are ready to get divorced, you should do everything in your power to prepare. Below, our New Jersey divorce attorneys have compiled a short bulleted list on how to plan for your divorce. Please continue reading and give us a call to learn more. How to Plan for Your New Jersey Divorce Ensure…Read More

Financial Abuse in a Marriage: Know Your Rights

When one person lives in fear of another, if resources aren’t shared fairly, and threats are involved, it’s usually abuse of some form or another. Any kind of abuse tends to have similar characteristics of control, threat, secrets, fueled by fear of one partner from another. Extreme financial dependence is quite common in society today and can be a facilitating factor in financial abuse. As hard as it is to…Read More

Planning for a Secure Financial Future After Your New Jersey Divorce

If you are currently involved in, or have recently completed the divorce process, a change in your financial situation is inevitable. Financial considerations are a critical component of every divorce, encompassing issues such as alimony and spousal support, division of assets, and child support, if applicable. These issues, once resolved, will transform your financial situation from one unit to two separate individuals, each of whom are now responsible for planning for their financial…Read More

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