What to Know About Divorce Mediation

Sometimes when couples are going through a divorce, they will wish to do so with the assistance of a mediator. Divorce mediation allows spouses to avoid going through the process in a courtroom with a judge. Mediation allows spouses to come together to negotiate the terms of their divorce. During this negotiation, spouses will discuss the marital issues that have not been resolved which may include child support, child custody,…Read More

NJ Couples Turn to Alternate Dispute Resolution Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Over the last year, New Jersey has seen a spike in couples seeking alternate dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, as opposed to a litigated divorce. This is in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, these types of divorce also come with several additional benefits as well. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey divorce attorneys to learn more. Here are some of the questions you…Read More

Divorce Rates Tend to Spike in January | Here’s Why

In recent years, one of the most common divorce trends we have noticed is that divorce tends to spike around the month of January. In fact, divorce rates tend to rise between 20%-30% in the month of January. Of course, there are many theories as to why this is the case, however, many attribute the spike in divorce to the fact that holidays are coming to a close, and spouses…Read More

What are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation?

As you know, divorce is a complex process, both emotionally, financially, and, of course, legally. Oftentimes, when we think of the divorce process, we imagine a courtroom where two spouses hash out their differences in a battle to get what they feel they are entitled to. In certain cases, this is what divorce looks like, however, it doesn't always have to be this way. Please continue reading and speak with…Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer during Bergen County Mediation?

One of the most common questions asked of our Bergen County divorce and mediation attorneys is whether or not a person going through a divorce mediation should hire independent legal counsel. As with the answer to most family law questions, the answer to this question depends greatly upon the specific situation. There are some divorce mediations which go perfectly smoothly, result in fair and comprehensive legal agreements, and leave both…Read More

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