What Expenses Does Child Support Cover in New Jersey?

If you are a divorcing parent that is financially dependent on your spouse, there is a very good chance that you will require child support to uphold your child's standard of living, however, you are most likely wondering, "what does child support really cover?" Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys to learn more about child support and how our firm can help…Read More

Can I Modify My Divorce Terms During COVID-19?

In the wake of the new coronavirus, more and more people have undergone significant changes to their everyday lives, whether it be losing employment, contracting the virus, or otherwise. Fortunately, though times are difficult, in many cases, you can still change certain divorce terms, such as alimony or child support terms (even temporarily, if need be). Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys…Read More

What are a Parent’s Obligations to Pay for College in a NJ Divorce

As companies and businesses begin to favor higher levels of education in prospective employees, it is becoming more and more important for a child to receive a college education. New Jersey recognizes this fact, and as such, heavily favors children being financially supported through their college education. Include a Financial Plan in your Bergen County Child Support Settlement If you are currently going through a divorce, it is important that…Read More

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