Helpful Co-Parenting Tips for After a New Jersey Divorce

There are few things more challenging than sharing child custody with a high-conflict ex. Oftentimes, this can make an emotional situation even more so. For this reason, our Bergen County family law attorneys have established a short bulleted list of tips for co-parenting with a high-conflict spouse. Please continue reading to learn more. Understand that you cannot change your former spouse's way of thinking. When your former spouse acts in a…Read More

What Should I do if I am Sick With COVID-19 and my Former Spouse Cannot Care for our Children?

The new coronavirus has drastically affected the lives of nearly all Americans. People are sick, losing their jobs, and more. Unfortunately, one of the most affected groups of people by the COVID-19 pandemic is divorced co-parents. We have seen many different scenarios arise regarding parenting time and child custody because of stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, and even hospitalizations. If you are someone who has recently contracted the virus, or you suspect…Read More

How to Handle Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex Spouse

Divorce is difficult. Add issues resulting from co-parenting with an ex spouse with whom you do not get along, and the challenge may seem insurmountable.  Some parents adapt to co-parenting and become better caregivers, because they develop their own style of parenting outside of the relationship.  However, when your ex-spouse is difficult to communicate and engage with, the battles may be exhausting.  Fortunately, there are some considerations that may help you to…Read More

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