What Should I Do if My Ex Isn’t Following Our Child Custody Agreement?

As a parent, having custody of your child is paramount, and if you are a divorced parent and share custody with your former spouse, you depend on your spouse to abide by your custody agreement. When he or she fails to do so, it can hurt both you and your child, and you are most likely now looking to do something about it. Continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable…Read More

What Happens if My Former Spouse Violates Our Child Custody Agreement?

There is nothing more important to parents than their children. If you believe your former spouse is violating your child custody agreement, please read on and reach out to our experienced New Jersey family law attorneys to learn more about how we can help you. Here are some of the questions you may have: What are some examples of violating a child custody agreement? There are various ways in which…Read More

What Happens if I Share Legal Custody of a Child and We Don’t Agree on Sending Our Child Back to School?

TThe COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way every single one of us lives our lives. Unfortunately, this change is largely for the worse, and we are left grappling with drastically shifted schedules, widespread unemployment, and, of course, physical illness at every turn. Fortunately, now, the virus does seem to be letting up at least to some degree, and in certain states, New York and New Jersey being two of them.…Read More

Setting Aside a Judgment of Divorce in Bergen County

Divorce can be a damaging and traumatic experience. Having to go through a divorce in any family law court can be expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining, to say the least.  Division of assets, alimony, child custody and child support are among the many topics that can be difficult to work through and reach mutually agreeable terms. As with most unpleasant experiences many people try to either avoid dealing with it…Read More

Dealing with Parental Alienation

When deciding any matter related to child custody or parenting time and visitation, New Jersey's family court system uses what is known as the "Best Interest Standard", meaning the outcome of the child custody matter needs to account for the best interests of the child or children involved, as the court sees them. And while most parents will typically feel the same way, sometimes a parent's own actions may be…Read More

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