How a Divorce Can Affect Your Mortgage

Affording a mortgage independently now that you have become a single-family home requires a plan. Continue reading to discover the top tips for managing a mortgage after your divorce has been finalized. If you have any further questions about this process, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced divorce attorney. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the post-divorce process. Utilize Professional Help…Read More

Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey | What You Need to Know

If you are someone who has gotten divorced, you may find that in the months or years following your divorce, your circumstances have changed. This is completely normal, which is why courts in New Jersey grant many former spouses what is known as post-judgment modifications. If you believe your circumstances have changed and your current divorce agreement no longer suits your needs, please read on and speak with our knowledgeable…Read More

Can I Modify My Divorce Terms During COVID-19?

In the wake of the new coronavirus, more and more people have undergone significant changes to their everyday lives, whether it be losing employment, contracting the virus, or otherwise. Fortunately, though times are difficult, in many cases, you can still change certain divorce terms, such as alimony or child support terms (even temporarily, if need be). Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys…Read More

Tips for Co-Parenting after Divorce

While your Bergen County divorce may have ended your financial and legal relationship with your former partner, if you have children together, you will be entering into a new kind of relationship, that of co-parents! For some couples, this new type of relationship may come naturally, but for others, it can be difficult to learn to work together in this new way. With those potential difficulties in mind, here are…Read More

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