Myths About Co-Parenting After Divorce

There are many misconceptions regarding divorce and co-parenting with your former spouse. Continue reading to discover some of the most common myths about co-parenting after divorce and how to face the idea of co-parenting with a more realistic and grounded state of mind. Reach out to our experienced divorce attorney if you have further questions about navigating co-parenting with your former spouse. We are here to help. Mothers are always…Read More

Can I Include Video Chats/Virtual Visits in My Parenting Time Plan?

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our way of life, and not for the better. However, we are resilient, and we have learned to make do with the new normal. Because of the many child custody/parenting time concerns that we have seen amongst divorced co-parents in the wake of the coronavirus, individuals and their attorneys are finding new ways to spend time with their children, even if they cannot see…Read More

Parenting Time: What Holidays and Events You Should Consider

There are few things more important to a parent than spending time with his or her child, and oftentimes, when holidays or other events roll around, parents especially want to see their child. However, after a divorce, both parents will have to compromise as to which holidays which parent will get the child. Below is a short summary of how NJ courts determine child custody, as well as a list…Read More

How to Handle Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex Spouse

Divorce is difficult. Add issues resulting from co-parenting with an ex spouse with whom you do not get along, and the challenge may seem insurmountable.  Some parents adapt to co-parenting and become better caregivers, because they develop their own style of parenting outside of the relationship.  However, when your ex-spouse is difficult to communicate and engage with, the battles may be exhausting.  Fortunately, there are some considerations that may help you to…Read More

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