What To Know About Cohabitation Agreements in New Jersey

When married couples go through a divorce, there are legal rights to protect each individual when it comes to child support, custody, division of marital property, alimony, and spousal support. However, when it comes to unmarried couples that live together, the legal rights of these individuals may not be as protected in the case of a break-up or other complication compared to those who are married. This is where couples…Read More

How Cohabitation May Affect Alimony in New Jersey

In today's day and age, couples are not strictly limited to marriage. Oftentimes, life partners will seek alternatives to marriage. One of those alternatives is cohabitation. New Jersey law defines cohabitation as follows: “A mutually supportive, intimate personal relationship in which a couple has undertaken duties and privileges that are commonly associated with marriage or civil union but does not necessarily maintain a single common household.” That being said, if…Read More

Deconstructing Palimony in New Jersey

Although alimony and spousal support are commonplace topics for most married and divorced couples in New Jersey, "palimony" represents another concept that remains a mystery to many. Palimony was originally accepted under New Jersey law in 1979. Its primary intention was to serve a similar purpose as alimony, but for unmarried couples. Just as most areas of divorce and family law are constantly evolving, the requirements and definitions associated with…Read More

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