How Are Retirement Assets Divided in New Jersey Divorces?

If you are currently going through the divorce process, there is a very good chance that you are worried about how your assets will be distributed. Many people worry about their homes, vehicles, and more, though one of the most important assets that may be up for equitable distribution that people do not consider are their retirement plans. When couples divorce, oftentimes, their retirement plans are at stake, which can…Read More

Retirement Assets and Divorce in NJ | What You Need to Know

When spouses divorce, one of the most frequently sought-after assets are retirement plans. Retirement plans give individuals the financial cushion they need to go into retirement without having to worry about whether they can continue their standard of living. Please continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys to learn more about retirement assets and divorce and how our firm can help you through every step of…Read More

What You Need to Know About Modifying Alimony Payments in New Jersey

After a divorce, alimony terms are often agreed upon so that the financially dependent spouse can maintain his or her standard of living. However, in the months or years after a marriage, circumstances change and warrant a modification to alimony payments as well. Please read on and speak with our knowledgeable New Jersey family law attorneys today to learn more. What warrants an increase in alimony payments in New Jersey?…Read More

The Evolution of Retirement in Divorce Since Alimony Reform

Retirement is a significant issue during New Jersey divorces, with implications that are two-fold. First, retirement accounts, pensions, 401k's, IRA's, and similar financial resources become subject to equitable distribution in most cases. Second, since the enactment of New Jersey's Alimony Reform Bill in 2014, retirement has become a proverbial "cut-off" point that may provide grounds for termination of alimony payments. In this article, we will deconstruct retirement as a critical…Read More

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