Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

Divorce is a complicated process, which is why very often, the help of another party who both knows the law and understands the emotional implications of divorce is best. To learn more about how an experienced New Jersey divorce mediator can help you, simply read on and reach out to our Bergen County firm.

What is a divorce mediator’s job?

Very often, couples will hire divorce mediators to help them sort out the terms of their divorce in a non-confrontational way. Because the litigation process is often so tense and hostile, many couples find that mediation is the best way to go. When you hire a divorce mediator, you and your spouse are appointing a third-party, non-biased individual who knows the law, and understands the difficult circumstances of your situation. The mediator is someone you and your spouse will both agree upon, and the mediator will never pick sides. Your mediator will listen to both you and your spouse’s wishes for the terms of your divorce.

From here, the mediator will begin facilitating productive conversation about a compromise. Though, of course, in divorce, few people get everything they want, the hope is that by hiring a mediator, couples can make a compromise that they both can easily digest and accept. Not only will this allow both of you to feel as though your voice was heard, but it will also teach your children a lesson about healthy communication in difficult situations.

What are the benefits of hiring a divorce mediator?

There are various benefits of hiring a divorce mediator. To start, you often save both time and money. Since you circumvent the litigation process, you will not have to pay for various trips to court–and–perhaps more importantly, you will not have to take several trips to court. Additionally, hiring a divorce mediator allows you to discuss any sensitive topics privately, outside of the courtroom setting.

On the subject of privacy, when you enter litigation, your divorce becomes part of the public record, which you can also avoid when hiring a divorce mediator. If you think that you and your spouse are capable of working out a compromise with the help of a compassionate, yet knowledgeable and unbiased mediator, please reach out to our firm today.

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