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Bergen County NJ Second Marriage LawyersMarriage and divorce is a funny thing. We decide to spend the rest of our life with someone, but that doesn’t always work out. Even stranger, some couples who decide to separate or divorce sometimes find themselves being drawn back together. This begs the question: is it possible to remarry your former spouse? Before answering, it is important to understand that no two divorces are exactly alike. To get a better understanding of your legal rights, it is recommended to speak with a qualified divorce attorney to discuss the issues of your unique case. Today, our divorce and family law attorneys will be discussing the laws related to re-marriage, reconciliation, and much more.

Can I Marry the Same Person Twice in Bergen County, NJ?

Yes – it is legal to re-marry a former spouse after being granted a divorce in New Jersey. Bigamy (marrying when you are already entered into a marriage) is illegal, but that should not be an issue so long as your divorce was full and final. However, it is important to understand that second marriages statistically carry a higher rate of divorce than first marriages. Along these lines, many of the same issues which may have led to the dissolution of your first marriage may still exist.

If you and your former spouse do decide to give it a second chance, our Bergen County divorce attorneys recommend taking a few precautionary steps:

If you are parents, do not tell your children that you are dating or considering marriage until you are certain. This may seem disingenuous, but you must consider that impact it may have on children to hope for a reconciliation to be later disappointed.

Consider a prenuptial agreementSome couples hesitate to sign prenuptial agreements due to the outdated stigma that you don’t believe your marriage will be successful. In reality, prenuptial agreements protect spouses from future disputes surrounding the division of marital assetsalimony, and much more.

Reconciling After Filing for Divorce: Paramus Marital Agreement Lawyers

While not considered a second marriage, it is also possible for couples who have already begun the divorce process to legally reconcile in New Jersey. Essentially, reconciliations are postnuptial agreements which state that both parties would like to end their divorce proceedings and give their marriage a second chance. Reconciliation agreements may be signed if one or both spouses:

  • Files for divorce – In this case, you and your spouse must file a formal reconciliation agreement with the New Jersey courts to cease the divorce process. There is no guarantee that your petition will be successful, but working with a qualified Paramus marital agreement lawyer will improve your chances
  • Makes it known that they intend to file for divorce – A situation where a couple has not yet begun the formal legal process should still involve a reconciliation agreement, but will not require either party to file the agreement with the courts. These agreements may still be fully enforceable as a valid postnuptial agreement
  • Legally separates – before a divorce, couples may also sign a legal separation agreement. Successful reconciliation agreements should override any active separation agreements.

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