Preserving Your Claim to Child Support in New Jersey

Important Changes to New Jersey Child Support Laws

By its very nature, divorce is divisive, severing a bond between two people. But few topics are as sensitive as child custody and child support. Nevertheless, as the custodial parent, you have certain rights and responsibilities. If you need help protecting your rights, please read on, then contact one of our experienced child support lawyers in Bergen County, NJ to learn more about preserving your claim to child support in New Jersey.

What should you know about preserving your child support claim in New Jersey?

Child support may end when a child reaches the age of emancipation. In New Jersey, the age of emancipation is typically 19 years old. However, it can continue for several more years if your case meets certain criteria. The child support payments can pay for extracurricular activities, college costs, medical expenses, teen driver’s car insurance, private school tuition and work-related child care.

To preserve your claim, you can get an application for child support at your county’s Board of Social Services (or Welfare office) or Family Court. Once a court approves it, the court order for child support is legally binding. If the noncustodial parent refuses to make payments, the receiving parent can work with the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services. You may also request a hearing in family court to enforce child support obligations.

What do you include in a child support claim in New Jersey?

When drafting a child support claim in New Jersey, you should include the following information:

  • The obligor’s employer, if the obligee has it
  • The obligor’s assets and other sources of income
  • Payments from lawsuits or other events
  • Any court orders issued in the case, such as an order reducing or increasing child support payments.

How can a New Jersey family law attorney help you?

Having one of our skilled Bergen County NJ family law and divorce attorneys on your side will help you provide accurate information so you can ensure the child support order is the right amount needed to properly care for your child. A seasoned professional will explain the legal issues and what you should expect at every stage. He or she will evaluate your case and give you proper legal advice on how you should proceed. Together, you can calculate the anticipated child support amounts. Lastly, an attorney can represent you at the court hearing to protect you and your rights. Given the time and expense at stake, you should never go it alone. Give us a call today.

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