Parenting Time: What Holidays and Events You Should Consider

There are few things more important to a parent than spending time with his or her child, and oftentimes, when holidays or other events roll around, parents especially want to see their child. However, after a divorce, both parents will have to compromise as to which holidays which parent will get the child. Below is a short summary of how NJ courts determine child custody, as well as a list of holidays that you can go over with your spouse to decide which ones you can spend with your child. Here are some of the questions you may have for our Bergen County family law attorneys:

How do New Jersey courts determine child custody and parenting time?

When determining child custody, New Jersey courts will consider several factors, though their main concern is the well-being of your child. Because of this, New Jersey courts will take the following into consideration, among other things:

  • Parental dynamics, or the relationship between you and your spouse/former spouse
  • The relationship each parent has with their child
  • Whether either parent has had a substance abuse problem
  • Whether either parent has ever subjected the child, or anyone, to an incident(s) of domestic violence
  • Whether either parent has otherwise proved him or herself parental unfit in some way
  • Whether each parent is employed, and how their employment schedule can fit with their parenting time schedule
  • What activities the child is enrolled in, such as school, sports, or other after school activities
  • The needs of your child
  • Extended family, such as grandparents, and the relationship your child has with his or her grandparents

What holidays and events should my spouse and I  consider when it comes to child custody?

There are various holidays that you and your spouse may wish to consider when it comes to who gets to spend time with your child. Some of the most important holidays can include their winter/spring break from school, Christmas or Hanukkah, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, and more. You may also wish to consider various special events, such as you or your spouse’s birthday, your child’s birthday, and other extended family celebrations. For any additional questions or how you can go about modifying your original agreement to get some of these holidays/events with your child that you do not have now, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys today. We are always here to help.

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