Modifying Prenuptial Agreements in NJ | What You Need to Know

Marriage is one of the most exciting parts of anyone’s life, and though there used to be a stigma regarding prenuptial agreements, this is no longer the case, and more and more individuals throughout the state of New Jersey and in the United States are drafting them. Prenuptial agreements are a practical option and excellent strategy, as you can address what will happen with various marital assets, should you ever get divorced. That being said, if you are have drafted a prenuptial agreement with your spouse, you may be wondering if you can modify that prenuptial agreement in the future. After all, life changes, and because it does, prenuptial agreements should better reflect your current state. Fortunately, you can modify prenuptial agreements with the assistance of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney at your side. Please read on and speak with our knowledgeable firm to learn more about how we can help you modify your prenuptial agreement.

How can I modify my prenuptial agreement?

If you are looking to modify your prenuptial agreement because you and your spouse’s lives have simply changed and you both agree that your prenuptial agreement should reflect that, obtaining a modification is a rather simple process. You will simply request a modification and sign an agreement that states both you and your spouse agree to that modification. However, if you are looking to modify your prenuptial agreement because of a more serious reason, such as because your spouse violated one or more terms of your prenuptial agreement, the process will become a bit more complicated, which is why you will need an experienced New Jersey family law attorney at your side. As long as we can prove that your spouse did violate the terms of your prenuptial agreement, we should be able to void that term, or even void the entire agreement. Our firm has helped countless individuals modify their prenuptial agreements in both situations over the years, and we know you can depend on us to do the same for you. Give us a call if you have any additional questions.

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