Joint Child Custody and Child Support

Child Support and Your Bergen County NJ Child Custody AgreementOne of the most commonly asked questions by our Hackensack divorce clients is whether or not there will be a child support component of their divorce settlement agreement if child custody is shared on a roughly 50/50 basis.

As with many issues related to family law, divorce, child custody, and child support, the answer to that question depends on many different factors, factors which are often at the court’s discretion to decide. With that being said, in this article we will discuss the various factors that can influence whether or not a child support component will be included in your Bergen County divorce settlement agreement should you and your co-parent arrive at a child custody agreement which is roughly “equal” (both parents share similar amounts of parenting time, and both parents share legal child custody as well).

Child Support and The Parents’ Income, Ridgewood Child Support Lawyers

One of the most important determining factors in any child support agreement is that of the income and earning potential of both parents. Even if the parents should enter into a truly “joint custody” child custody arrangement, if there is a noticeable difference in the income of each parent, the parent with the higher income should expect to pay at least some amount of child support.

On the other hand, in the case that a joint child custody agreement is entered, and both parents earn roughly the same amount of money, there may not be a child support component included in the parents’ divorce settlement agreement at all.

Child Support and Your Bergen County Child Custody Agreement

Beyond the income of both parents, and perhaps an even more important determining factor when it comes to deciding child support, is the type of child custody agreement that is entered into.

For example, even in situations where both parents share roughly the same amount of “parenting time“, and the income of both parents is roughly equal, there may still be a child support component in the case that:

  1. One parent secures sole legal custody of the child or children, and/or
  2. One parent is designated as “the parent of primary residence” (not every child custody agreement needs to include such a designation, but many often do)

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Helping You Draft Child Custody and Child Support Agreements Which Reflect Your Unique Situation and Needs

With all this being said, there are many different ways to create fair and effective child support and child custody agreements which meet your own unique needs as a parent, as well as the best interests of your children and family unit as a whole.

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