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Maintaining a successful co-parenting relationship can be tough at times, no matter the circumstances of the situation. However, things can become more adverse if your co-parent frequently displays narcissistic tendencies. If you think your co-parent might be a narcissist, you are probably wondering what you can do about it. Our law firm is here to help! Continue reading or contact one of our Child Custody Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ today to learn more.


It can be difficult to determine if someone simply has narcissistic tendencies or if they are truly a narcissist, so only a mental health professional can say for sure. Studies show that about six percent of American adults suffer from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). The most common symptoms of this disorder are an inflated feeling of superiority, entitlement, lack of empathy for others, envious tendencies, a constant desire for attention, sensitivity to criticism, and a habit of manipulating others. If your co-parent frequently shows most or all of these symptoms, you might want to speak with a mental health professional to find out if they have NPD. A co-parent with narcissistic tendencies might:

  • Manipulate the children or others into turning against you
  • Put their own needs before your or the children’s needs
  • Refuse to be flexible for schedule arrangements
  • Test your boundaries and disregard your requests

Dealing with these issues can be a difficult task for anyone. Thankfully, there are some actions you can take to alleviate some of the problems that your co-parent causes.


Even if your co-parent doesn’t have NPD but they still frequently display narcissistic behaviors, you might still wonder about the ways that you can handle this difficult situation. The good news is that a trusted child custody lawyer or mediator can help you determine a fair and reasonable parenting agreement that works for both you and your co-parent. However, if your co-parent has narcissistic tendencies, they might attempt to manipulate others into changing the parenting schedule to only suit their own needs. You can prevent this by working with your lawyer or mediator to ensure the custody arrangements are legally binding, so your co-parent can’t legally go against the agreement.

A parent’s narcissistic behavior can negatively impact their children. If you’re unable to achieve full custody of your children and therefore can’t prevent a narcissist from spending time with your children, you should create a safe and loving environment when you have the kids. You should also leave the children out of arguments with your co-parent (even if the co-parent tries to get the children involved). If your co-parent’s behavior turns abusive in any way, immediately notify CPS and seek full custody.

Do you think you’re dealing with a narcissistic co-parent? No need to panic because Townsend, Tomaio & Newmark LLC is here to help. Contact our talented team for an initial consultation to learn more about your options going forward.

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