How to Strengthen Co-Parent Communication

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Having a shared custody arrangement will require both co-parents to come together to support the welfare and health of their child. The following five tips for co-parent communication can help you to learn the best ways for communicating with a co-parent and a former spouse:

How can I strengthen my communication with my co-parent?

  1. Keep the communication you have with your co-parent in writing as much as possible. This should include text messages and email. This will allow you to eliminate the chance of false allegations. It will also allow you to have logs of your communication to reference.
  2. Take time to respond if the discussion gets heated. Collect your thoughts before you hit the send button. This practice will give you to chance to calm down and respond in a manner that does not hurt your co-parenting relationship rather than acting out of impulse. It is also important to consider the fact that everything that you send may be read by a judge someday. It is important to choose your words wisely.
  3. Leave out unnecessary details and emotional language when communicating with your co-parent. Avoid blaming them or being overly emotional. It is also not reasonable to expect the other party to always agree when you ask for something. Prepare yourself with ways to respond to “no” at times.
  4. Ask direct questions that do not leave room for a delayed response. Setting a timeline for a response between three to seven days is reasonable.
  5. Treat your co-parent with the respect that you expect from them. Give them the benefit of the doubt and try to avoid jumping to conclusions with their intentions. With practice, this approach will become second nature. The basis for good communication with your former spouse is to treat them with basic civility.

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