How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

The process of preparing for divorce mediation allows your mediator to gain all of the appropriate information they will need to have a productive session. Divorce mediation prep will include preparing all of the appropriate paperwork which will cover childcare, owned property, legal matters, finances, and insurance. The other aspect of divorce mediation prep is to emotionally and mentally prepare for the process ahead. Taking the time to work on your mental state as you face divorce mediation can make an incredible difference in the outcome.

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Paperwork to Prepare for Divorce Mediation

Documentation prep is one of the most important steps in the divorce mediation process. One of the tips we would suggest utilizing is to make a master list of assets held by you and your former spouse. Include as many assets as you can think of, even if you are not certain an item is worth mentioning. Once this list can be drafted, it is time to collect the associated paperwork that will show your mediator the details they need to provide the best solution. Some examples of the paperwork you will need to prepare include the following:

Relevant Legal Agreements – Prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements, wills, restraining orders, powers of attorney, police reports

Childcare Documents – Anything relevant to the life of your child such as their age and relatives living in the area plus any pre-existing medical conditions.

Property and Asset Ownership Documents – Deeds for owned properties, rental agreements, mortgages or other loans/debts, vehicles, art, receipts or insurance coverage for jewelry and anything else that may hold substantial monetary or sentimental value

Financial Documents – Checking account statements, pay stubs from employers, W2s, trust funds, savings account statements, investments, retirement account statements, debts

Define Goals with Your Mediator

Setting goals before you being the mediation phase is key in maintaining your focus on what truly matters. To discover your goals, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is in the best interest of your children?
  2. What would be an ideal outcome, keeping in mind the viewpoint of both you and your spouse?
  3. Are any of your possessions of particular value to you that is worth noting?
  4. What conditions must be met to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle
  5. Which conditions are merely preferences?

Prepare Mentally and Emotionally for Divorce Mediation

Approaching the mediation process with a positive and grounded mental state will make an incredible difference in the outcome of this process. Having a clear mind with concrete goals is the best way to achieve a mutually beneficial experience that will result in an amicable divorce agreement.

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