How to Create a Parenting Time Plan in the Wake of the New Coronavirus

One of the most important things to any parent is ensuring their child is safe. That is why during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many parents are wondering how it will affect their child custody/parenting time agreement. Below, our experienced Bergen County family law attorneys have compiled a short list of things parents can do to create an effective parenting time plan to accommodate their children throughout the duration of this pandemic. Please continue reading to learn more:

  • Plan for what would happen if you or your former spouse contract the virus. This means considering where you or your spouse will stay if quarantined, where your child should stay, and more.
  • Agree with your spouse on places/areas where you may or may not bring your child. Rather obviously, you should establish a list of off-limits infected areas.
  • Educate each other on the virus, read the CDC website, and get tested if you or your spouse are experiencing any symptoms of the virus, including a runny nose, fever, a dry cough, or pneumonia. If you or your former spouse are experiencing any of these symptoms, ensure you do anything in your power to prevent spreading them to your child.
  • If you cannot agree on a temporary parenting time plan, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced Bergen County mediators. We can provide you and your former spouse with the non-biased, third-party you may need to achieve an effective compromise.

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